Just Another Day

First, this is my first time ever writing a post on my phone. Slow going with the tiny keypad, etc. LOL, so excuse the extra mistakes.

*As usual, the following is written from my memory of the events. Some things may be inaccurate due to faulty memories. In any case, this is how I remember it:

So, here is how today is going so far:

6:30ish: Hubby wakes me up to tell me that I am sleeping on my back. I'm under doctor's orders to not lay on my back because, eye stuff. I roll on to my stomach and fall back to sleep.

7:00ish: Wake up feeling like my blood-sugar is low. Go to kitchen and make a bowl of Cheerios. Notice hubby is still home. He's usually gone by now. Don't bother to ask what's up..BG too low for cares right now.

7:15ish?: Get to mirror to clean eye and put in drops. Notice a cloudiness in eye, freak out. Go to see if hubby still home. He's outside about to leave. Hurry out to him.

"Look, do you see what I see?" I move up close to him and spread my lids with my fingers.

He looks closely and compares to my other eye. "Call Dr. Hunter. Do it quick, I need to know if I have to take you or not."

I go back inside while hubby follows telling me he needs to head out to get the flat on the car fixed. It's one of those days.

Hubby takes a nice clear picture of my cloudy eye.

7:30ish: Call Eye-Q and tell them my problem. They tell me a nurse will return my call shortly.

7:45ish: a nurse calls and I explain my problem. She says the doctor will want to see me in person, a picture won’t do. I should come in to the Fresno office and they’ll fit me in.

8:00ish: get dressed and wait for lee to get back from his tire adventure. Play around on Facebook and other awesome interwebs sites.

…At some point hubby returns and he, his brother, and I head up to Fresno. We stop for gas on the way.

10:00ish: I am dropped off at Eye-Q and check in. Although the place is packed, I am called in within 10 minutes. The nurse asks me what I have come in for. I explain the cloudy cornea. She checks my pressure and vision, asks questions, and reviews my meds, and then asks me to wait to be called into the exam room.

10:45ish: Called in to exam room. Dr. comes in and after pleasant greetings he asks why I came to Fresno, don’t I see him in Selma on Friday?

“Yup, but i woke up with a cloudy cornea today.” I explain.

"Oh, yeah, that can be very scary. Let’s take a look."

He examines my eye thoroughly. He is happy with everything (retina, inner eye, healing from surgery, etc.) except the cloudy cornea.

“The cells of the cornea work to get rid of fluid and keep the cornea dry. During the cataract surgery, the surgeons tools go right through there and disrupt those cells. Sometimes, especially with diabetics, either immediately or a week or two later, the cells fail to do their job and you get this fluid buildup that looks like this cloudiness. It should clear up on it’s own. We’ll keep an eye on it.” He explains (of course, this is from my memory and may have inaccuracies).

We talk a bit more about my eye and medications, etc… I tell him about the pain I had experienced the night before. It wasn’t bad, so I hadn’t worried about it, but it was worse than the normal pain I experience on and off. He is concerned and says if I have pain like that again, I should let him know right away. In any case, my eye looks good (save for the cloud) and he asks for me to return in a week.

11:30ish: I make my next appointment and head out. I have to wait for my ride so I walk about a mile to Carl’s Jr. and get a soda and wait…3 hours.