Just Talked to Seagator!

I finally got through to Reed this evening - his phone was out of service for a couple of days. He was also in the hospital overnight for 2 blood transfusions, but feels much better because of them.
He sounded quite lively and sharp. The fracture occurred during one of his sleepless nights. He had gone to the computer room to do some TD welcome's, went back to bed and then fell. Was in extreme pain and Russ summoned the ambulance.
The food is terrible - toast like cardboard and jello that you could bounce against the wall.
The staff is without mercy and "slap me around like a side of beef", meaning they are forcing him to work hard. He has been riding a stationary bike, etc
He asked the doc when he could go home and was told it was up to the physical therapists.
Several TOPS ladies had visited him, as well as Chico's parents. They said Chico really misses him.
Russ is holding his own at home. Reed usually does the cooking but I guess Tom prepared some heat up meals. Russ can make the drive to the rehab center, but has trouble walking across the long parking lot and gets short of breath.
Reed says he misses us deeply and thanks everyone for the cards and good wishes.
It was awesome to hear him sounding so good.

Kathy- Thanks for the update on Reed. I hope he continues to improve and can go home soon. I am sure Chico will be happy.

Thank You Kathy for this update. Looking forward to the day Gator is back home and back on Tud...

Kathy, that does sound pretty good. He's able to complain, which I consider a really good sign. I miss him terribly, it's just not the same around here.

for those who don't know, Reed is the local head of TOPS, Take Off Pounds Sensibly. If he loses any more weight, which I'll bet he has if the food is that bad, he's in danger of getting kicked out - lol - I should have such problems!

and Chico is the cat that comes over and spends the day with Reed, pictures of this cute fur baby are on Reed's page

thanks for keeping us updated. the hospital is definitely not home


Wow, I have been having a cow worrying about Reed. So glad you have some news. Thanks.