Seagator Update May 19

Just talked to Reed and he sounds strong and feisty. A nurse accidentally told him she heard he was being discharged on Friday. He is their favorite patient because he doesn't complain or ring the call bell too often.
He has lost 16 pounds! But Tom brought him some Chinese food.
Tom is commuting every afternoon from Gainesville to St Augustine because Russ does not like to be alone at night. They had temporarily hired someone, at a big price, but all she did was nap on the couch and was of no help.
The ladies from his TOPS group had a surprise b'day party for him last week and he got cards, balloons and flowers.
He thanks everyone for the b'day wishes and cards.
He will have a physical therapist visit him at home, at first on a daily basis. He is very determined.
He is such a joy to talk to - I wish I could meet him in person!!

Feisty?? Reed is feeling better! :) That's wonderful to hear. Tom is very kind to visit Russ. Reed must have been thrilled about the party. I'm glad that he will be home soon.

Thank you for letting us know Kathy!

Thanks for update!!!...Feisty, indeed---I'm with you, Terrie. Does anyone know: Do we have any TuD members near him to go visit and be our ambassador? I would contribute to a pool to get one of us there for a few days......Blessings...

thanks for the great update Kathy! Sounds like he is doing great. Cant wait till he comes back on line.


I think we should plan a trip to Florida and stay at the Marriott, senior discount, heh heh. Bless the strength of the Gator. We all have a lot to learn from him.

Great news, hey Pauly. I know how much you miss him.

Always good to start the day with some good news, glad he is coming along well and healing!

Thanks for the update. I am sure he is anxious to get home. Losing 16 lbs. might bump him out of TOPS. Can’t wait until he returns to TuD.