Just wanted to say "Aw, CRAP!" today

I swear that keeping a toddler’s numbers within range is like herding cats. We had a day yesterday where NOT ONE blood sugar test was within range. She doesn’t seem to be getting sick. She ate what she normally eats and didn’t really do anything different re: exercise. No stress that I could see. I guess some days are just like that…

How frustrating!!! Feel free to say “Aw, CRAP!” here any time!

Hope that today will be a better day… if not try opening new vials of insulin!

That’s exactly what I decided to do but only with her Novolog. If things don’t improve, I’m tossing the NPH and Lantus tomorrow and opening new ones! I’m only doing Novolog today because that’s the one we travel with and the most likely to have gone bad. We’ve only had these open a couple of weeks.

Good luck, Sarah! Here’s to hoping we both see some improvement today… :slight_smile:

Could be! Called the endo nurse and made adjustments to her Novolog correction scale and quit Lantus all together (big drops at night). Opening the new Novolog did zero to help… :frowning: Hopefully the adjustments will help but they mean I get to do 2am bs checks…oh well, who needs sleep?

Yep, we all get the “aw crap” days every now and then. Some days are great, and then some are not so good. At such a young age, the #'s can be unpredictable (heck, at any age!)

I admire anyone who is caring for a child with diabetes…I don’t know how my parents ever did it with me. You are an inspiration!!!

Do you know what CRAP means?

Attack on the

Say it, now, loud and clear … C * R * A * P!!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

LOL…Thanks for that, Lois.

Thanks, Di! Some days I don’t feel so inspirational so I appreciate hearing that and I’m sure all the other moms of T1 kids do too!

Yes, I’m finding the #'s to be more unpredictable than I had imagined but I guess it just goes with the territory. I imagine that’s why the diabetes team at our Children’s Hospital is so understanding and good-natured. I am grateful for that! I seriously don’t know if I’d still be sane if it weren’t for their help. Such an overwhelming responsibility…

I hadn’t seen this in a while! :smiley:

42 years for me and I have many "Aw crap" days!! The more intense the treatment the harder it is. When I was on Lantus I had severe lows during the night also then I would have extreme highs after dinner. What worked best for me was to split my dosage of Lantus into two shots every 12 hours.

Breaks my heart when children are still being diagnosed with this crappy disease. :frowning:

HA! Your photo had me rolling, Karen! Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with her off of Lantus. Oh, excuse me, need to go tell her to quit bouncing on her bed…be back in a sec

Geez, I wish I had the energy of a 3 year old! Yeah, it would be great to see an end to this disease during her life time. I have to hope…

Hey, Sarah…how’d the fresh insulin go today? Did it help?

Ahhhh, just saw the word NPH, hmmm, not my insulin of choice, but…

I was on NPH and regular for 35 years, and did okay, I guess, but…

I think a better choice would be Lantus and Novolog only, as NPH has soooo many peaks.

Yeah, it never seems to be working when I think it should be working…I’ve had questions about that. Maybe I’ll ask when we go in on Friday.


I have so many days like your daughter’s. Can eat & do the same exact thing with different results. CRAP–yes!

Hugs to all the wonderful mommies. You all are amazing! Can’t begin to imagine how difficult this is. I can barely take care of my own D.

That’s great, Megan! I’m so glad they’re working well for you. I’m sure the docs had a reason for putting her on NPH but I’m going to ask on Friday…

Okay, DOUBLE CRAP, if that’s possible…just found out last night that a little friend of ours from our play group was admitted to Children’s last night with a diabetes diagnosis. At least I can be there for her having been through it so recently…

perhaps she is growing sometimes that attributes to high numbers and adjustments need to be made. don’t stress over one day, just correct and move on


So sad.

But they are lucky that they have you to help them in the early stages.

And it will be great for the kids to have each other. I guess that’s the only bright side of the sad situation.

Please encourage them to join our community when the time is right!

I will definitely encourage her to join. I’ve already told her about the community but, as they are still in the hospital, their heads are still reeling with all the new information. It’s been great to have all the feedback and support from the community, especially only being 2 months into “the rest of our lives”. Thanks, All! :slight_smile: