Learning the Pump

Last Friday I met with Tandy my Minimed pump trainer and Nancy my CDE to get started on my pump. I spent this past weekend getting used to using the pump (pushing the buttons) and showing my wife how it works. Tomorrow I meet again with Tandy and we will start a saline trial. Then on Friday hopefully insulin at last.

It’s funny how it has taken a year to get the pump. This time last year I was struggling trying to keep my BG’s below 300 and everyone was saying the pump was the way to go. After making appointments to see 3 different endo’s, they all canceled every appointment I made, and then the consults would run out. I finally decided try use my Veteran’s benefits and voila an appointment within 3 weeks and a pump within 2 months.

Another funny thing after I found out I was getting the pump 10 days ago. All of my BG’s have been between 75-115mg/dl. So am I giving the pump back, no way!

You go, Ray. KEEP IT!!! Not to be negative, but your numbers will rise again … and fall again … and rise again!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI