Legs, Spanx and the pod

This goes out to the women…

I have a fitting for my wedding gown next week and was told I needed my wedding undergarments ready. In the past if I have used spanx I used the bicycle short kind with my pod outside at the top. Because of lines I want to use the high type that go up to your…ribs.

Has anyone used a pod under spanx. Was it comfortable? Could you be active such as dancing without it being painful. How about bear hugs from great aunt Petunia?

I may want to use my leg for the wedding. This isn’t in my normal rotation. What is the least visible most comfortable spot for the pod on the leg?

In terms of leg pIacement, I have seen the diagram from Omnipod, but that doesn’t really tell me if the pod will show up in photos


I think the leg would probably be the best place for the omnipod in a wedding dress. Depending on how you dress fits, the legs usually are covered by the material of the dress, and will be the least noticeable in the photos. I have never used my leg but for the big day I definately wouldn’t want my omnipod showing. I would try it out for your fitting.

I would also use the leg under a dress. I’ve found that the pod can be placed anywhere from about 1 inches below the top of the leg to about 2 inches above the knee. When placing the pod on my leg I’ve found I prefer the cannula to point down but that’s a personal preference from ripping a couple off while undressing by mistake. I would also strongly suggest trying a couple spots on the leg beforehand as sometimes my leg spots tend to get soar by the end of the three days. You don’t want to be dealing with that on a honeymoon! Also with post-wedding activities in mind I’d try for the outer thigh area rather than on top or on the inner thigh. Congratulations and good luck!

Here’s my two cents. Please see my blog post here. Spanx are wonderful, but they’ve screwed over my pumping twice - once with a Minimed quickset and once with rubbing a pod adhesive off because of pod placement. Just proceed with caution, IMHO.

I’m sorry ladies, I could not help myself from commenting.

Common sense tells us that the leg would be the better choice for the ceremony and pictures and getting the big bear hugs from aunt Bertha. I know some ladies have used the inner thigh for pod placement and it has worked. I have used the outer thigh with some success but the top/front thigh I do not get good absorption.

So my suggestion is to try it and see if it works for you. I would hate for you to look good in your pictures with the pod all hidden but you feel like crap because of poor absorption and high BG’s. Remember that the stress of that day may mess up your BG’s so check i t often.

And if you go with the pod on your leg you may want to plan on moving it before the honeymoon.

There is my 2 cents. Congratulations.

While not commenting on your wedding…I use to wear my pod on my leg when golfing. I have noticed that when wearing spandex shorts that the tight fit does cause pressure on the pod and it can be a discomfort. I now use my arm when I plan on golfing.

I have worn spanx and tights with the pod with no problems. Congrats on the wedding!

Thank you everyone for all your input. I think I will only wear the pod on my leg for the night and then move it to one of my regular spots. I know I will struggle that day to maintain normal levels as that is my m.o. with stressful situations.