Let's Gather Together to Support TuDiabetes Member Lotsofshots

Please show your support for Ellen, known here as "Lotsofshots" or just "Lots"

"Lots" has been a regular member here for almost three years, during which time she has shown her compassion for many of us struggling with challenges related to our diabetes (and not). She has shared her own personal story, ups and downs. She's become a great cheerleader and friend. Her creativity and willingness to share beautiful pictures and music are well-known. She was recognized here in February with the 2013 "Community Support" TuDiabetes Award for being a shining example of our community.

Tomorrow, Thursday March 14, she will be undergoing surgery to remove a tumor on her liver, along with part of the liver. The surgery is scheduled for 12:40 PM at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC. Please wherever you are at that time tomorrow, stop and think of our dear sister. I will be imagining the TuDiabetes community gathering all around her, a giant virtual circle of us, arm-in-arm, deep, and strong, lifting her up in support. I will also be praying for her medical team, that all are at their top form, sure and steady, giving her the best of care. Won't you join me? I know she has said it's a comfort to her, knowing we are thinking of her.

all my prayers to her and u put tudiabetes on the get well card cool

hurry back to us E

You’re in my prayers and I’ll also be praying for a speedy recovery.

Yes! Get Well Soon!

Forever on my mind and in my heart dearest. Kept in prayer. Prayers also for the surgical team, and your recovery team....and that your son be safe in the knowledge that his mom will be ok ♥

Thinking of you now and can't wait to hear about your fast recovery!

You've had way more than your share, lots and you are a strong lady who always comes to others with love and support. I hope you are back with us and recovering well soon.

thinking of you tomorrow!

Sending you prayers for skillful doctors/nurses & a quick recovery.

My thoughts, prayers, and all the positive vibes I can muster are with you and your family, lots! Hoping to have you back here, healthy and happy, very soon.

Sending lots of positive energy to Lots <3

I wish all the best for tomorrow and the days to come!

Lots, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Maureen

Thinking of you and praying for a successful outcome to your surgery.

I pray for every success for her in this surgery and that she can continue good health.

Best wishes and tons of good luck.

Warm thoughts and many prays for you you Lots, during your
surgery tomorrow and a peaceful recovery. ((Hugs))

Sending you a bouquet of get well soon invisible flowers.

Good vibes, Strong mantra coming your way from across the line during your surgery and during your recovery time and beyond !!

There is hope...

We lift you up unto the Lord,
For we know that He will hear
We pray that you may feel His presence
And know that He is near
We pray that God would intervene,
Divinely healing you
That you may be completely whole,
Restored and made brand-new.