Libre android app for USA ready

And it even works

**Added note: some phones have overpowered NFC which may ruin the sensor **

If you are doing it for the first time do it on a sensor that’s ready to blow up anyway

When I was using the freestyle libre I was forced to buy an iPhone. The freestyle libre reader was so awful and of course I didn’t want to have to carry the reader as well as my phone, so I was pigeonholed into buying an iPhone. I contacted Abbott about my dissatisfaction with the reader and the lack of android support. Really glad to see they finally got the app on Android and much quicker than I was expecting to be honest

Why was the reader awful - easier to use then a phone?

The reader scans a lot better than the iPhone XR I was using, meaning the reader could be placed anywhere near the sensor whereas the iPhone needed to be placed in a precise location near the sensor for it to communicate with the sensor, but the display is so small and the touch functionality was HORRIBLE. Viewing data and interacting with the reader was a bad experience. The iPhone app was so much better, I’m sure the android app is probably identical

I had two readers - one ten day and one 14

never had a problem - maybe you had a finicky one

touch works perfect

anyway - that’s why restaurants have menus :grinning:

It was definitely useable and acceptable, but no where near the sensitivity of say an iPhone. Do you have a smartphone? Would you say the touch functionality is comparable?

I have a galaxy - no comparison of course - the galaxy rules

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