Life is Good

At the moment, life is going pretty well for me. There have been some exciting developments:

  1. I have an appointment with an endo! He comes personally recommended too! I will see him on 26 November. They asked me what type of diabetic I was, and I said I wasn’t sure, and the lady I spoke to said well then I’m doing the right thing by seeing the endo. I’m so happy that I will be seeing a doc and hopefully getting the right tests done.

  2. I bought my mom her first Christmas present! I saw something that I wanted to get her a while ago, and forgot about it, and when I was browsing in a shop I saw it again and bought it immediately. It’s nice to have a head start on the Christmas shopping madness.

  3. My little diabetes support group (called the Diabetes Resource Group) is growing. We had two new members yesterday AND were contacted by a Pharmacy PhD student who is studying compliance and lifestyle changes with diabetics. He was trained at Stanford by Kate Lorig, and wants to work with our group. He is VERY knowledgeable. AND one of our new members knew about a hotline that helps diabetics on the Rhodes University (my employer) get cheap test strips!

  4. I found a diabetic (Amylia Grace) who has lived in Taiwan and can tell me all about what it is like to live with D in Taiwan! I thought that I wouldn’t be able to go and teach English there because I have D, but now suddenly that part of the world is opening up to me again. It’s feels so good to know that it’s possible for me to do that again, and I’m so grateful to TuD for being able to hook me up with her.

  5. The new rapid insulin that I am on is making a big difference to how I feel. I’ve been more productive at work, and even started on my thesis again (after many months break).