Looking for a paper logbook that doesn't scream "diabetic"!

I’m a pumper and want to find a website where I can order a logbook geared for pumpers. Extra, extra plus if it doesn’t LOOK like a logbook. I don’t hide my D, but my new motto is diabetes doesn’t have to be ugly. (I now carry meter, lancet and strips in a darn cute little Vera Bradley zippered bag. Bright colors make me happy!)

Know where I can find one?


you could do what i do and just print pages off of this site http://www.lifescan.com/products/booklets/logbook/
i print off one page, making sure it fills the majority of the page, and then i just make copies of that. I found the book to small for me to, but its available for order.

I usually keep it on the fridge, or i’ll fold it up and carry it around. Or if i’m really good i’ll remember everything that i ate, injected, and just write the numbers down later. Then i turn it in to my doc, and if its all raggy i’ll just rewrite everything.

I just got a itouch phone so i’m going to go try a glucose log application

I get that,
you can just use stickers you know?
just paste it on whatever written on the book.
hope it helps :slight_smile:

Both of these are great suggestions. I’m going to keep looking. Surely someone makes a decent, discreet logbook.

I hate logging. For some reason I’ve told myself that if the logbook looked better I might do it more often. We’ll see about that!!

me too!
I do it every month,it’s just too troublesome to do it regularly.
you are not the only one :slight_smile:

Amen to that Saya!! I recognize the benefits of logging. For me it is the accountability aspect. Writing down bgs and what I eat and bolus and how much physical activity (or not!) is very powerful. I don’t get that accountability from downloading the numbers.

My girlfirend puts her medtronics one in a pretty checkbook cover…

The other plus to keeping a logbook is that when your insurance company gets stoopid and wants to re-review your pump/CGM use you have logs at the ready…

I use a notebook and along with my blood readings also wright down what I had to eat that day and how I felt…Ive done it for years and its fun to look back through the years. What did you eat two years ago April 15? Using one page every day a notebook will last for several months.I also note when I change out my infusion sets.fill my pump with insulin and when the Dr. make pump changes.

David Mendosa lists a variety of log books at his site:



I dont know what meter you use but instead of logging on paper there are meters that you can connect to a pc and just transfer data from monitor to computer. you could probably print off some wonderfully coloured graphs with sweet backgrounds.


I just started using the new Bayer Contour USB meter. Everything is integrated into the meter and you plug the meter right into your computer where you can download your numbers and print the graphs from your computer. You don’t have to buy anything extra to download your numbers. Its amazing. I love it! Makes keeping track of your numbers etc. super easy!!! http://bayercontourusb.us/

Now that is a thought! Good suggestion Denise.

You say “gets stupid” in the future tense. Sometimes they are already there!! That is something to think about and another good reason to keep a log. I want to try to get a CGM this new year. Another good reason to stay motivated to keep one.

Almost like a “diabetic diarty” Brad!! I have never thought about keeping them for any length of time. But there would be some benefits. How many years worth do you have?

I often forget about David’s site!! I will look there as well.

I had the chance to look at David Mendosa’s site and he has some excellent resources. Both paper and electronic logbooks. Thanks for the suggestion Terry!