Longtime lurker...now a member!

Hi tu community!

I’ve been a lurker on these forums for quite a while and just never got around to creating an account…don’t do much forum things these days.

I’ve had T1 for over 20 years and my HbA1c control has ranged from 6.5-7.0 pretty commonly. Recently, in the last couple years, I’ve converted to Afrezza and my primary day-to-day and now I’ve been at 5.8 for the last two years.

My first CGM was a G4 and I skipped until I got to the G6. I’ve had many frustrations with the G6 but overall it’s hard to think of life without it.

Anyway, just wanted to say hi.


Hi and Welcome @RyeFry !

Welcome, @RyeFry. I didn’t sign up at TuD in the beginning as I was content to just read without commenting. That’s useful but does have its limits.

It looks like Afrezza suits you. That’s a great improvement in your A1c.

I’m still using the Dexcom G4 as I accumulate some buffer stock of the G6 sensors. Was the frustration you experienced with the G6 just something when you started with it and now things have smoothed out?

Welcome @RyeFry to TuDiabetes!

Nice to meet ya’

Welcome, RyeFry.

Welcome out of the shadows, @RyeFry.

Welcome RyeFry :grin:

Good to have you RyeFry !!!

Thanks everyone for the welcomes!

Welcome to the group! I am a type2 of 27 1/2 years. I love my pool. Nancy50