MM 530G pump clip broke

I've been using MM pumps since the 90's and never has the clip broken. yesterday, the clip snapped off just a fraction of an inch below the clip's metal pin. I didn't get hurt, but it was quite close to where my finger was holding the clip as I removed the pump from my waistband. MM is sending me a replacement.

Anyone else had the clear clip break? My previous pumps didn't have a clear clip. They were dark gray, and other colors and all were very durable. I asked MM if I could get the older gray clip--they said all they have is the clear. I suspect it is inferior to the older clips.

I have tons of backup clips, for 2 reasons:
1. i always lose them and need them in different places, so i have one in my purse, one or two at my nightstand, and a few at home, a few at my uni home, etc.
2. those clips are extremely unstable, ive had quite a few which broke in my past 9 pumping years.
so yeah, has happened many times to me. order one or a few new ones, and it will work again! sorry i cant help otherwise…

I don't understand what you mean by losing them. The clip is attached to the pump. I never remove it. Are we talking about the same thing?

haha, yeah. I only wear the clips when i go to sleep, or if my pants dont have pockets :)
so yeah, i lose them and have them all over the place ;)

ah. ok. thanks!

I've had several clips break, both clear and colored. It's a known problem; they just send you a new one.

ah. I think perhaps it's the plastics quality. Many years ago I never had the ears break off of the pump end of the tubing connectors. Then some years ago they began break off left and right when I remove the tubing. About the only way to find them on carpet is by vacuuming as they are clear and tiny. MM claims that if both ears break off, there is no danger of the reservoir coming loose. I say nonsense. It is super-easy to twist the reservoir out of the pump if even one ear is missing. With two it's scary-easy.

I have the "night clip" never break, but it always loses the rotatoion, and I have to get new. This is the clip your pump snaps into. I like the thing great for sleep.