Looking for a new case for meter

I received a new Accucheck meter that I dislike compared to my prior Contour. However, one thing that I have noticed with each new meter is that the carrying case gets smaller and cheaper.

The Accucheck case is big enough for maybe a day’s supplies and it feels like it will far apart with the slightest provocation.

I am looking for something similar to the cases from the mid-2000s. Not too big, something about the size of a smaller paperback novel. I would also like something that isn’t complete garbage. I did buy one on Amazon, it’s slightly bigger than I wanted and the quality is terrible. Not all of the elastic bands were sewn down.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would welcome them.

I am MDI, so I carry my digital pen, all supplies, pens, money, credit cards, cell phone, snacks, etc., in this small leather bag that slips onto my belt. Rarely a day goes by and I don’t get a compliment and request where I bought it. This is the best quality bag I have ever had for all my supplies. Amazon also has several others in various sizes.

Myabetic has something for everyone. I am a big fan of the Banting myself.

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Try one of these. Its small and good quality. Holds my BGM, lancing device, three syringes (I keep these on hand in case of pump failure) and two glucose gel packs with plenty of room. This is the micro version, if you need a bit more room, there is one slightly larger.

Case Logic has several smallish bags suitable for meters and supplies.
DCB302 TBC403
Also larger bags suitable for travel.

I got my diabetes pack here: Diabetic Supply Bag Zippered Supply Tote 3 Sizes Custom - Etsy