Looking for a used or refurbushed medtronic pump

Hi. Im looking for a older medtronic pump. Revel 2.4 firmware or older. Any out there?
These may work too;

  • Medtronic 515 or 715 (any firmware)
  • Medtronic 522 or 722 (any firmware)
  • Medtronic 523 or 723 (firmware 2.4 or older)
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Those are hard to come by because they are popular with the looping/DIY artificial pancreas folks.

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Yes. To be clear it is specific to the DIY effort for looping.

Are you aware that there is an Omnipod model that can be used for looping.

There needs to be more pump models, does anyone know of any pumps may be decoded in the near future.

Not aware. Really interested in something that can tether. Is it the newer models that do this? Thanks

The older model I think

Omnipod Loop was introduced in April 2019. It uses the older Eros pods not the Dash BLE pods. Looping requires a RileyLink to translate the radio signals into something the Loop can understand. It requires an iphone and access to a Mac computer (or you can build a virtual Mac on your PC - although I was not able to do this). You can read more about Looping here: https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/ There is a Facebook group called Looped which you can join. There are some amazing people who helped program and develop Loop who are generally available to answer questions.

The LoopDocs that @Clare_T_Fishman links to does include some tips about finding a loopable pump, the older Med-T models.

Thanks interesting to say the least. Could be a option.