Looking for the puzzle pieces

My husband was diagnosed in October 2006 as a type 2, at age 73, and I thought I was learning all about how to manage his Diabetes. When I was diagnosed this July as type 2, at age 63, I thought, well, I read alot and I know how to handle this. WRONG! He can eat things that if I just look at it my blood sugar sky rockets.

I know someone who says diabetics are like snow flakes, no two are alike. Thankfully we are both keeping good control for now. I go back to the endo mid november and will see If I am doing as well as I think. Hubby has other heart complications so he sees his doctor more often.

We just got Gretchen Becker's book, plus Diabetes for Dummies, and Dr. Bernsteins Diabetic Solutions so between reading, and also this great website, I'm hopeful we will be able to control the Diabetes and not the Diabetes controlling us.

Thanks for all the support, this website is the best.

I agree that no two people are alike, diabetes the same, but some general things remain the same/similar. I wish you the best. Navigating this disease later in life can’t be easy, but it sounds like you’re on track!

Our routine has not changed at all. I think it is because we are both retired and I watch him like a hawk. I think it would have been difficult if I were still working, but I don’t keep anything in the house, (except when the grandkids come) that we should not eat. His mobility is limited so I don’t have to worry about him going to the store and buying anything we shouldn’t have.

The snowflake analogy is a good one; the reality is that managing this condition is not the same for any two people – there may be similarities, but there are also unique differences, which is one reason its such a challenge!