Losing tons before being diagnosed

I just read a blog that scared me. It seems a person actually made themselves go HI on purpose to lose weight. I know before I was diagnosed I actually did lose a lot of weight, but it was unhealthy, I am forever trying to lose weight. Lately I am losing weight. Which is like a miracle in itself. As I understand it the body takes stored fat when there is no sugar and keytones are a by product of that process. Which is why I lost soooo much weight sooo quickly. Have you ever heard of this though? I’m sure it must be VERY dangerous. To actually mess your bs up on purpose so your body will go after the stored fat so you can lose weight??

I have recently started a new program on which I have already lost some weight. But inherently I lose interest and want to eat, really eat. Can you suggest a healthy, easy way to lose weight?

Maybe im over simplifying, but just “activity” is the answer for me. Keep moving and the calories keep burning. Being more active leaves less time to sit around thinking a snack would be a good idea. I went as far as to get a exercise bike that ill ride while watching my favorite shows or even during meetings. Dog also likes walks, yard work to be done, etc. I dropped about 40 pounds in the last 12 months… and still have 10 to go…Even when im in the office ill pace while on the phone, do “chair squats” etc. The other half of course is diet. The plate method works very well for me, after 1/2 a plate of salad i sometimes cant even finish my carb choice and protein choices. Eating first thing in the morning will get your metabolism up and burning calories as well, breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. :slight_smile:

Oh and get the “bad food” away … far away, if you have to go shopping to get the bad stuff its less likly you will do it, and as least if you do, you have gotten in some walking :slight_smile: