Low-Carb Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake

Hi there,
Newest recipe on TheFitBlog is a Low-Carb Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake. Actually it’s almost zero carbs, but even coffee adds a little carb to our lives :slight_smile:
It’s one of my favorites…

One shake is:
4 Egg whites (186 g) – Use pasteurized liquid egg whites
½ tsp. Instant coffee
2 tsp. Unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tbsp. Stevia
4 Large ice cubes

For full recipe + pretty pictures check out the recipe here

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This sounds delicious! Thank you!! :blush:

The egg whites kinda gross me out (even pasteurized).

Ha ha then this might not be the recipe for you wink: Although you can’t taste the eggs, the cacao and coffee taste takes over

I hear that one! But I’ve long-ago gotten past that – and without any ill effects…

What about subbing a milk alternative for the egg? I know it changes the nutritional value but still sounds yummy!

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That would turn it into mocha chocolate milk, not bad either. You wouldn’t get the fluff that the egg whites provide, or all the protein, but I’m sure it would still taste good.


Thanks for the feedback!!

I love a chocolate egg cream New York style, but of course, it doesn’t actually contain any egg; the name is a misnomer. LOL

I had to look that up, never had it but it sounds really interesting. Do you just use sparkling water, chocolate and milk?

They are utterly scrumptious. I’ve never tried to mke one at home, only ordered them in delis.

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