Low Carb Food--Colorado Springs CO

For those lucky folks that have a King Sooper, they have a wonderful carb master yogurt with 3 - 4 carbs for an eight ounce container. Wonderful flavors: Strawberries, cherries, Pina Colanda, blackberries, Yummy rasberries and many more. Some of the best I have tasted. They also started carrying Hood Low Carb 2% milk--3 carbs and chocolate milk--5 carbs. They have great fresh berries at reasonable prices, this week blackberries a $1.00 if you have a King Sooper Card. They have lots of nutrients in them and about 8 carbs for a cup. I shop at the one on Rangewood and Woodman Road. They started catering to the Diabetic community. So lets support them. Thanks


I had never heard of King Sooper, but it turns out it is part of the Kroger Group. You may well find similar products in all the Kroger stores, and if you don’t, remember that you can ask for these products. Become friends with the people who work at your grocery store and you will find that you go to the customer service desk and ask for products to be stocked or special ordered for you.