Mac Dashboard Widgets

Does anyone know of a Dashboard widget for looking up carb info? I used to use the Calorie King toolbar in Firefox but it is not supported by the newest version of Firefox (which I have to use to log in at school). The only one on there that I could find was only 100 foods and then in 100 gram serving sizes (one of the bains of my existance when eating stuff from Europe). Anyone handy and want to make one?

I would just downgrade firefox until it is supported.

I can’t. The only way to use the internet at my school is to use the newest firefox. I guess I just have to wait for the newest one or go the website if I need to look stuff up. :frowning:

Just because I am not one to give up on these pesky computer problems…

Check this out:

Basically you can run firefox (Version of your choice) from a USB thumb drive. Used it for a while in college before I got my laptop. Tweaked correctly, it can work pretty good.