Mammography Callback. Oh my

Pretty scared... Had a callback on the annual screening. Everyone think good thoughts. Rescreen is tomorrow morning.

Sending good vibes and prayers your way, Spock. Think positive thoughts - most callbacks are fine. I have a gyno appointment myself Wednesday for a breast exam due to breast pain and lumpiness. I'm hopeful that it's just more of this crazy perimenopause stuff, though.

Like we don't have enough to deal with, right? :) Good luck tomorrow and let us know how it goes.

Thanks for the good wishes and prayers. My tacitern husband is a little freaked, but that is normal. Support is great.

I too am hoping it is just a "scare". I don't know the explanation of it but that seems to happen a lot. I look forward to hearing good news from you!

False positives are pretty common. I will be praying that is the case. No matter what happens, you won't be alone.

I so appreciate the support. Just got a call and all is well. Thanks for the good wishes and prayers.

Oh, happy days. Nothing like a good scare to help us appreciate what we do have right here and now.

Great news, Spock!!

Good news Spock !! I was enrolled in a study early eighties ; I entered , because my Mom had breast cancer ; half of the group did breast self examination ; the others received besides breast self exams ,yearly mammograms . I noticed a lump in summer of 1984 ;lived in denial till I had to go to the cancer Clinic( Vancouver, Canada ) for my routine check up in Sept.including a mammogram which did not show any concerns .A needle biopsy was performed , because also the Nurse felt the lump ( had no fear of needles , however a lot larger than an insulin needle !! ) To make the story short , November a visit with the Surgeon , December removal of the breast .Moral of the story : Self Exam a necessity and I don't always practice what I preach !! Call me a cancer thriver as I dislike the word survivor ....and marriage , Feb 2 1985 ..ground hog day :)

and here to tell the story of many moons ago !

I'm so thankful and happy for you, Spock! :)

Merci a tous.

Yay! Happy for you! I went through that this summer. Call back then biopsies. It consumed a lot of head space. I wanted the whole world to celebrate with me when I got good results, so here we are celebrating with you.

Glad you had great results, but you had to go through a lot more than I. My mom died many years ago after an agonizing struggle with breast cancer AND Type 2 diabetes. Frightens me a lot.

Thanks for the good wrods, Maria!