Marijuana, diabetes and blood sugars

hey dos any body smoke weed out there i was just woundering if it affects your BS levels other than giveing you the the earge to eat. it seems to help me after i go running i have bad knees and back also when i am pissed off or stressed out and i heard that causes spikes in BS. NOT USEING ILLEGALY

It will lower it a bit, at least it does with me. I am a type 1 so that may make a difference.

In reply to your question, here are a few resources that may help answer questions in regards to marijuana and blood sugar levels:—Juvenile-Type-I/effects-of-smoking-marijuana-and-being-diabetic/show/419248

By leaving this post up, it doesn’t mean the Diabetes Hands Foundation or TuDiabetes endorse or approve of drug use regardless of their legality in some places.