Medical system

The medical system makes me mad. I don’t think I should work in it because I’ll never be able to stop feeling irritated by it or keep my mouth shut.

I thought that I had forgiven the medical system, but then it does more things that make me mad. It did two bad things this week. Made me so mad.

I think Gary told me once that it didn’t make him mad. I was really surprised. Maybe he just wasn’t mad that day. How could it not make you mad?

Does it make you mad? Could we do a poll?

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Sorry you’re having issues, I’ve had too many to count, but with “patience”, usually can get things resolved, or at least explained why they do things their way.

Last week I was surprised when one day after endo appt, I saw claim was already processed by insurance. And today received bill. Usually takes weeks.


Cool. I appreciate the feedback. That’s incredible billing turnaround. That would make me mad, but typically I get a bill before it’s been processed by insurance. I’m actually somewhat impressed by your clinic billing, lol.

I think I get more mad now because I feel like I used to have some inkling about how to solve hang ups, but now I simply haven’t any idea.

Also I think that the more contact with it I have, the more mad I get. I thought it would be the opposite because I figured I would learn things to help. That’s not happening.

One of the lobbyists told me that she does what she does from a point of rage. So, I’ve been wondering about motivation more. I identified with what she said.

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I work in the medical system (for a pediatric hospital) - it can be infuriating, on both the provider side and the patient side. But I am able to do a lot of good for my patients… it’s tough dealing with the red tape for sure.


I don’t get mad at anything as it is just a lose-lose proposition. Getting mad makes an issue even harder to resolve and deal with while at the same time driving up blood sugar numbers causing both short-term and possibly long-term physical and emotional distress. Getting mad is just not worth it as I am most likely the only one that will suffer any and all consequences. Folks, enjoy the holidays as there is enough stress at this time of the year to just too easily trigger madness. Peace on earth, peace to all!!!


I think that when I go into the medical system to explore and play, I encounter a lot of situations that I perceive as predatory. It takes a lot of work (and is quite painful) to unravel and investigate those sources of threat, but it helps me do things. It’s really quite unpleasant and puts me on the edge of madness, your right. 2017 Maps of Meaning 07: Images of Story & Metastory - YouTube

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Those predatory situations pop up everywhere these days, not just in the medical arena. Personally I think it’s a symptom of overcrowding, humans are not meant to be herded in masses like we are these days.

Best way to avoid letting anger get hold of you is daydream or plan how you will someday take control of whatever situation you find yourself in. The more we rely on ourselves the better, it keeps the predators at bay.

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I think I’m probably Ok. I think that if they could yank my drivers license again, they would have done it by now. They make demanding phone calls and I’ve just told them that can’t take more days off work to come see them. Nothing bad has happened. I think that what I can do has actually expanded and I should stop viewing them as a threat to my employment. I’ve also managed to get medical expenses down to only 1/5 of my income. That’s better than 25%. I’m making progress.


Not mad, not happy, I live in the great wide middle of the some place of medical care…


I agree. Take a deep breath, take a walk if you need to or do whatever you need to do to calm down, and ask, “What can I really do to solve this issue, and what specifically do I want done?” When you have the answer to those two questions, you can move forward.


I solved it my quitting this industry. Problem solved. :joy:
First quarter hiring is on! I’m just going ahead an interviewing for jobs I don’t want and asking for ridiculous amounts of money. Sometimes they agree and I still have to turn it down. Yea, First Quarter! The market had a little lull, but its hot, hot, hot again. Much too my surprise, employers are still desperate here. Right Said Fred - I'm Too Sexy (Original Mix - 2006 Version) - YouTube

The last employer tried to scare me by saying there was impending recession. I just stared him down and said, “I wanna roll the dice.” Turns out the dice rolled just fine. F U, Medical System. F U.

The pharmacy filled my Dexcom and then shut down due to lack of pharmacists, so I can’t fill it anywhere else. We are hoping that they find someone by Monday. I’d slip that pharmacist $100 if he would show up. Everything is broken everywhere. We are about to have another nurses strike. I give up.

I think people need to just pony up the cash to get the system running again and they won’t. Problems that can be fixed with money are easy problems.

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@Rphil2 This is a quote for the ages. It speaks volumes!
May I use for personal use with your permission one day?

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Use away my friend

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Mail order pharmacies take orders 24/7 and ship promptly. It does take a few days to get Dexcom initially set up if you are not self pay.

Thanks @Rphil2 !

There was a time when working with the distributors was really hard and they were unreliable. Pharmacy is also cheaper than going through a distributor, but they don’t give me a large three month shipment thru the pharmacy, so there’s a lot more opportunity for failure and its harder to build up a healthy stockpile. I might need to see an endo to return to a distributor supply. I’m considering it. I’m on the fence because this is the first time that I have seen this particular problem pop up.

I hate this chess game because there isn’t ever any way to ‘win’ and ensure that things ‘work.’ The way the system fails just constantly constantly shifts around in new and surprising ways.

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It used to make me so mad I couldn’t see straight, just the thought of it would send me into a rage. I have mellowed a lot over the years and in retrospect I can see that the rage never accomplished anything. I have come to realize that what @MM1 said make a lot of sense


The very same mantra they start with in most substance abuse programs…

Interesting history…