Yet Again another broken Belt Clip

So Back in May My Original Charcoal Belt Clip for my Medtronic Minimed Revel 723 Broke I called and got a replacement right away after I found out they replace them like they would if your pump breaks well Now a am just a little fed up because according to the rep I spoke with the clear resin is suppose to be stronger than the charcoal but yet I have replace 5 clear ones since April and the best part is I had to pay for my last one even though I told the rep that clip was broken here is a picture of the clip that broke today (don't worry I have a replacement) they always seen to break on the hinge for me.![|640x480](upload://ceD5Xf1Lqe9JDYCDdJ6Z5dPWoy5.jpeg)

Anyways you all have a good day see you in Main chat some time

I called before my Warranty gave way in January but now I have no warranty I am currently waiting on my insurance to see if I am going to be getting a t:slim or another Revel since they do not cover CGMs

So I messaged Medtronic with this picture and got a phone call turns out I should not have been charged for the clip and the are sending me another clip to have as a back up