Migration FAQ

Hi all,

We've compiled a list of questions that our members have asked about the migration so far to create an FAQ for folks to refer to. This will be updated as more questions come in. Please take a look, and if/when you have a question that's not on there please post it in the thread below!

Many thanks for your enthusiasm and support in this exciting - and sometimes confusing - process :)

Migration FAQ

Photos: I wonder if anyone, besides me, would like to see titles or at least text boxes that provide some info about posted photos in the ever-changing box on the home page...if you plan to continue it. Some examples of title or text box content could be: username; conference name/date if at a meeting, users meeting for first time, showing new pump, username biking on X trail, etc. Everyone recognizes Manny but beyond that..... who knows??!! I am not asking for identifiable info, just something that gives some context for the photo being posted.
I read the FAQ about the migration but did not see anything about the home page photo box. Just that current photos won't be migrated.

Great job; they answered a lot of my own questions. Thank you.

Just an FYI ... Questions about the new web site and community technology number 12) talkfolksy.com displays:

This page can't be displayed

•Make sure the web address http://www.talkfolksy.com is correct.
•Look for the page with your search engine.
•Refresh the page in a few minutes.

HowtoGeek.com loads fine

I just did some checking. The Talk Folksy site address (to see how the new forum software will look, work, feel,... when it is done) can be found here: http://talk.folksy.com/

I can't imagine there are two Talk Folksy Forum sites, but I think this is the address that was meant to be in the Migration FAQs.

Thanks so much for catching that and letting me know, Tapestry! Fixing it now...

Hi Nell,

I'm adding your question to the FAQ, and the answer is that we are not going to have a rotating photo box on the home page any more.

Later today I'll post screen shots of the new site pages (home, events, blogs, videos), which have just gone to our developer to start actually creating, so you'll get to see what the home page is going to look like!