Minimed Quick-serter slows down

Today, after my pump failure last weekend, I went back on the pump. After my previous episode in September I decided not to connect myself until the weekend to allow myself “room” for any highs or lows tied to going back on it.

I am starting to see more and more often that my Quick-serter (the spring mechanism that pushes the infusion set’s canula with the needle inside the infusion site) seems to be malfunctioning. When I press both buttons, it starts going in at “full speed” but halfway in, it sort of slows down and goes very slow which leaves the canula halfway in and requires me to push the thing in manually the last bit.

Needless to say this can be a bit painful most of the times. I was wondering if anyone else has seen this happen and if so, what did you do. Before spending the $25 plus s/h on the Minimed store for a new Quick-serter, I wanted to check… who knows? Maybe someone else has a spare one?

There are people (not me) who do not use injectors. When I first went on my pump I was not planning on using one, but it was free. I have now come to rely on it. It helps for injecting in the hard to reach areas. I am sure there is someone out there who could instruct you in self-injecting.

I have trouble with the quick seter , I can not get both side to go in at the same time. I bought a new one same thing happens . I ask the CDE about it so she gave me a new one and again same thing …lol I gave it back to he bcs I decided it was the operator not the serter . I think Im just gun shy . I also have problems with the senserter for my sensors .
Maybe your CDE or mini med rep can get you one free .

I heard a person once say that she injected the infusion set manually: I am not that fast! :slight_smile:

I forgot mine when on vacation once, so I had to do it by hand. Trust me, quick is better! My inserter has one side that I have to make sure I pull back manually, as it doesn’t always retract back all the way. Must be some design flaw. Maybe minimed needs to know so many people have had difficulty with it.

Like any spring mechanism, eventually the spring needs to be replaced. That is the first issue. You may just want to call Minimed and see if they can replace yours. The 24 hour help line should be able to get you a new one within 24 hours.

More importantly, have you checked where you are injecting? The skin may be tougher due to callousing or scar tissue and you may need to try a new site. Love handles or butt works great, but stomach seems to scar more easily.

Also, depending on where you live, the sales rep who got you your pump, or the nurse who trained you on it may have an extra serter for you. Hell, if you give me your address, I can try to send one to you. I have like 5. Could save you 24.95.

Hope this helps!

I haven’t had any problems with it that weren’t my fault. LOL There for a while, I wouldn’t push both sides at the same time. That caused a lot of problems. I would say just get a new one. I want an extra one. I carry the one I have in my purse in my “emergency” bag that has all the stuff to replace an infustion set (just in case). I would like one to leave at home also. But basically, I am too cheap to buy one right now.
Good luck on getting a new one!

I can’t use the inserter. I get too worked up and end up taking forever. For some reason though, I can put it in by hand with no problem. Its actually alot less painful for me that way, and I can vary the angle that I want to put it in at. (I use the Silhouette infusion sets)

My educator said that the inserter would wear out over time due to the spring not working as well.

I always insert my infusion set by hand (I use “Comfort” which I put in at a 35 degree angle). I actually had no idea that a lot of people used injectors. I was also told by the diabetes educator that I am the “slowest ‘inserter’ that she has ever seen”, but I find that I can avoid painful sites because if I start to poke slowly and it hurts, I chose a new location. So 19 out of 20 insertions are pain-free (and I don’t think that I am just that tough).

Are the injectors only for 90 degree insertion?? When I tried inserting 90 degree by hand, the cannula often bent, which meant that I wasn’t getting insulin. So I stick with what I got. Any good reasons that I should try something new? (I’m on the cozmo-- so any luer locking type will do…).

Yes, I use two different infusion sets, depending where I put my pump, so I have two different inserters. Both sets are 90 degree, and never seem to bend when going in. It goes in very smoothly.

I have the same roblem. But when I dont have it against my skin, I can do it, I think it is anxiety of pushing the buttons. the minimed rep said it could be because of my neuropathy, I either dont feel it correctly or am not applying enough even pressure. My husband laughs because it takes me so many tries to get both sides to go.LOL