New Minimed Quickserter Device (2017)

A few years ago, I started to have problems with the blue Minimed Quickserter Device. The Infusion set started to stick to the side of the inserter. A call to Medtronics resulted in them replacing several boxes of infusion sets with new ones that worked fine. I was told that the problem was caused by a new supplier.

Starting this year, the problem started again but I saw Medtronics had a new inserter in a flashy grey and green so I bought one. I don’t know if its just me but more problems.Opening and closing it to see how it worked sounded like chalk on a blackboard! When used it jammed a had to be pushed in for the last half inch. A replacement has arrived but it jams and again has to be pushed in for the last half inch or so.

Is it just me? I thought about some form of lubrication but that does not sound too hygienic.

I got the new grey-and-green device with my new 630G pump last December and haven’t used it once. It seemed much less user-friendly to me than the trusty old blue one. Fortunately though, I have had no issues with that one (unlike what you describe). I did at various points see small sections of sticky gunk (from where the adhesive of the sets might have touched the inside of the plastic circle) on it and just wiped it clean with a touch of rubbing alcohol. Not sure if your stickiness issue is the same, but I’d try that and keep using the blue one if I were you.

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Thank you. I will try the alcohol swaps. If this fails, I think that I go back to the old blue ones. At least they used to work which is more than be said for the new ones!

I bought the new MM Quickserter (didn’t get a free one with my 630G) and returned it since it did not work properly. For me the old blue one works much better - hope it doesn’t break!!!

Yep, been there, done that. Replacing the Quickserter worked for me in that case and I’ve done it a few times.
As the cleaning of the serter didn’t fix the problem in my case, I have concluded that it could be the spring getting a bit too loose/weak after some use allowing the Quickset to move bit during the insertion and thereby getting stuck to the sides.
This was one of the reasons why I switched to Mio and never looked back. The other ones were pain and kinking of the cannula.

My sets periodically stick to the side of my blue quick starter too. It is super aggravating, and then the set is wasted.