MiniMed Quick Set

I have been using the Quick Set for many years. Recently I have had problems with the set becoming loose from the part that stays in the body when removing the pump for a shower. Has anyone else had this problem?

I despise Quick Sets. Have you ever tried other sets? I switched from QS to Sure-T’s and haven’t looked back.

Are you saying that the quick disconnect junction no longer stays locked and will easily unintentionally pull out?

If that’s true and the tubing side of that assembly no longer clicks and locks at your preferred angle then you will need to insert a new site. The Quicket-Set hub not only secures the tubing to the infusion site but also aligns the tubing with the spots where insulin path allows flow to the cannula. You could still make use of the insulin in the cartridge by leaving the cartridge/reservoir in your replacement assembly.

So agree. Been using these 12 years. Never a huge problem that was not my fault.

Call Medtronic tech.

I have also been using quick sets, for at least the last 8-10 years, and have not had that happen.

Whenever I attach the set, I wiggle or tug at the tubing right at the connection to double check it is locked in.

Thank you for the replies. They were helpful .