MIO infusion sets


Can anyone tell me if there is an instructional video online to use these sets. We are using quicksets at the moment and I bought some of the MIOs as they look like they will be better.



Yes there is a video demo on the Medtronic web site. I know I saw it somehere. I think it is under one of the tabs on the main page of WwW.Medtronicdibetes.com. I will try to find it and post it.


I have used both the mio and the quicksets. I prefer the quicksets for the longer tubing. But I feel they are otherwise comparable except that the mio has the integrated inserter and this is very convenient for travel etc when you don’t have an inserter with you. I am all for the inserter for the quicksets. Not a manual insertion type of a person for them.

There is a tutorial on the minimed website that shows a video of a model inserting the Mio set.

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I love my Mio’s they are great and very convenient.

Thanks for replies evereyone,
I went on the Australian site thats why I could not find it LOL
Jennifer we have 80cm tubing here in OZ with 9mm cannula. I think these sets will be easier to use if I have to show someone else how to do a set change. Dane has been diabetic for 4 years and I am the only one who can do his set change. It can be a pain sometimes
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Does anyone do manual insertion? I forgot my inserter one time and tried it out. That was insane.

Hi. I’m using Paradigm 722 and quickset for about 4 month. Now I’m evaluating to start using the Mio infusion set. Can anyone tell me if the MIO infusion set include a plastic cap like the Quicket to cover the infusion site when disconnect for shower? Thank you all!

It does have a cover for showers and when you are disconnected in general.

HI Cocho,

I tried it on my son and I liked the easy all in one set, But he found the clip to hard to undo to disconnect for showers and bathing. The people who replied before said they found it good. It all a personal choice I guess.We are back to quicksets and he is happy with that.

But only 2 caps come with all 10 sets in the box (unlike the Quick sets that come with one for each set), so I usually keep one in the medicine cabinet near the shower so I don’t loose it. When I take it off after the shower, I make sure to replace it there.,

I use the MIO’s I just got my pump a month ago. Are you supposed to cover your infusion set when you shower? ive never been told to?

Hi Heather,
Yes you need to use the caps when having a bath, shower or swimming as infection can enter the cannula. MIO sets only supply 2 caps in the box of 10 sets. We went back to using the quicksets and they have one cap in each set…so there are 10 in each box.My son prefers them as they are easier for him to disconnect. Hope this helps. If you need any other advise re pump just msg me and I will be only to glad to help.

Oh my goodness! I can’t believe I didn’t know! My pump trainer, CDE or Endo never mentioned that and in reading my manuals I never saw that mentioned. The only thing I was told is that I should use the big tape when I go swimming. Thank u so very much for letting me know that Punk!!! Greatly appreciated.

I always manually insert. i use silhouettes so you can put it in at an angle. I hate insertors!

Hi Rob,
we just got the sure T sets its better because of the disconnection point not being the actual set. We have had so many dramas lately. Dane has been swimming and the set just comes out (all types) He is in puberty and is a typical sweaty teenager. I have tried the skin prep wipe and they worked for a while. This week I got some opsite flexifix to put on b4 the set goes in and so far so good!! I think the metal cannula is better 2 sometime when i did a set change the plastic ones would have a kink in them. smith & Nephew are making a fortune outta me! !Dane was a bit scared of the manual insertion but he will get used to it.

Skin Tac works great for sweaty teens. My son is 15 and we have been using skin tac for 5 years. I order it online. Not familiar with flexifix, but if you have trouble with that, try the skintac. I think you can call medtronic and they may be able to give you samples - seems to me thats how I got them several years ago.

Yeah I asked my CDE about the caps and she said u don’t need to use them because how is designed no water can get through or anything? But I dunno?

Do you use the ANimas insets with the MM pump? I get so confused with all of these infusion sets. My son is able to change the MIOs himself which is huge for him. Can you use the ANimas with the MM?

HI Nancy,
Am not sure if you can use Animas with MM pump. I found sureT are pretty good for my son as you disconnect away from the actual site. We are still having problems with the sticking to his skin, I live in Australia and im trying to find the skin Tac. I think I can buy it from a breast prosthesis site here in OZ. It sounds really good!!