Mistreatment Discussion

This is for people who feel like they’ve been mistreated with their medical conditions and would like to talk about it.

Oh my goodness, where yo begin!
Living in a very small community and trying to find a good Dr, that would be my beginning.
Its been a long fight, but I’m winning this battle.
I worry for others though.
Suffering through years of seizures, MI’s, asthma, given the wrong medication to find out the everything stopped completely w my first dose of insulin, no one gave much thought to me being diabetic.
Life is good now, but all those years lost. I’d love to prevent someone else from dealing w this.

I don't know how this works but I saw this and I just had to reply. I am constantly mistreated, abused, untreated and undertreated. Two days ago I saw my psychiatrist and she asked as she does at every appointment if I was suicidal and I said well I dont think my life is worth living, I am in a lot of pain, I can't get help for my neuropathy, my sleep disorders, etc and it is causing me so much extreme anxiety/hysteria that I don't think it's worth living like this. Her response was, I won't give you anything for sleep, or anything else for your anxiety because your basically one of those people that just can't be helped. Thanks lady, you just made my day. I pulled out enough meds to kill me twice that night. Lucky or unluckily I took an overdose but not even enough to have to go to the hospital, before I stopped myself.

This is only one of dozens of stories I can tell you. I hate my life.