Can you wear TruSteel infusion sets in an MRI?

Does anyone know if, or has anyone worn a TruSteel (Sure-T) infusion set while having an MRI.

Obviously the pump is coming off, but can the sets safely stay in you?

I’m going to say no. Steel is magnetic. It doesn’t take too much effort to replace it after the mri.


I’m with @Timothy the stainless steel cannula can heat causing burns. Either take it out or use a non-metallic infusion set.

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They won’t even give you the option to go in with it. You’ll go through a pre-screening process. The techs are trained to remove every foreign scrap. You won’t be allowed to go in with anything more than an approved gown that doesn’t have any metal fasteners.


You cannot

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Ok all this leads to a second question. I can tell must places don’t want you wearing A Dexcom Tx and sensor.
I’ve gotten away with it by excepting the responsible for damage. But to this date after pacing through numerous air port scanners, to manny ultra sounds to count dozens of X-ray and abdominal scans with no problems

MRI is different though. All of the things you mention could at most damage the device. The MRI could heat up the metal or pull it out of your body with a lot of force.

I just don’t see the point. They cost very little to change out.

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I would like to add that my wife has a Medtronic pace maker that is MRI safe. The body of these pacemakers are nonferrous, made of titanium, The leads can be either stainless steel or titanium. Only the titanium is safe in an MRI. The one thing is that the device is programmed to the default levels and after the scan is reprogrammed back to the patient’s settings.

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Remove the cannula. If you aren’t close to the scheduled change date, you can do the shortened change cartridge routine, using the already filled tubing and a new cannula. Stop it after 10 units and reduce the change alert interval by however long 10 units normally lasts.

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During my most recent 2 MRIs (cervical for neck problems), I have left the SureT in after disconnecting my Tandem pump. I also removed my Dexcom transmitter before the MRI, replacing it afterward. Never had an issue with the SureT.


Removing the transmitter is a genius move. You can get an extra ten days of use from the sensor but honestly I find it hard to remove. I contact Dexcom and tell them I need to have an MRI and they will send an extra sensor patch

I have had a few MRI since being on the pump and I honestly don’t remember now so you better ask your doctor. I know I had to disconnect my pump I think I did have to take the inset out because it’s steel.

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Guitar picks work great, but it has be a thin pick.

No. I just had an MRI last week. I was able to schedule it for a day when all my devices were due to be changed.

When they found from my record that I was a pump user they double-checked to be sure I didn’t have any external devices. They even replaced my mask to be sure it had no metal nose stiffener.

One of these works even better: tappet gage