Score one for the good guys!

Just got a letter from Anthem. They have reversed their decision about Eric’s insulin pump. I’m at once thrilled and annoyed. It’s not that I didn’t think they would—I mean, the medical necessity was obvious, and there was no way they could deny that in the face of all the documentation we provided. I’m annoyed that the extra effort was necessary, though.

It came at a good time, however — we’ve spent the whole week cosseting little boys sick with swine flu. Just as I feared, the virus got to my children before the vaccine did. To add insult to injury, the pediatrician finally called to say he had 100 doses and Eric was at the top of the list… 3 days too late. Fortunately, Eric weathered it just fine and is bouncing back with his usual vigor.

Great news on the pump!!

that’s great Elizabeth. keep us up to date on our little pumper. I hope all are 100% back to normal with the flu.

Good to hear about the insurance Elizabeth (though I understand the frustration too!)

Hope that Eric makes a full recovery and is back to his usual self soon!

How are you doing? Did you get sick as well?

I got vaccinated (flu-mist) against H1N1 in early October, sheer luck that I was at my doctor’s office the day they got the vaccine in, and as the mother of an at-risk child I qualified… so I missed out on the joy that is the swine flu. Eric didn’t get all that sick - it seems the seasonal flu shot is somewhat protective against swine flu, so if anyone out there wants but can’t get the H1N1 vaccine injection, for heaven’s sake get the seasonal shot if you can find it! Eric’s temp never rose above 101.5 and though we dealt with a great many lows, there were no scary crashes like the last time he had a significant bug. On the other hand, his big brother Nate had fever up to 104 and was about as sick as a kid can be without being hospitalized. I attribute the difference to the fact that Eric had the seasonal flu shot and Nate did not. Both are 100% again (big sister is the only remaining victim right now).