My life with Diabulimia 17/08/10

So after a recent rude comment off a woman who would like my blogs deleted because thery are apparentl,y pro ana and this community could really do better i would just like to say the following:

1. I have never said anything to encourage other diabetics into this ED i have simply written down my thoughts and feelings because I cant do it anywhere else

2. If people do not like what they read then as the old saying goes 'If you dont have anything nice to say please dont say it at all'

3. I believe that by writing these blogs i am showing fellow diabetics how not to be.

Right now down to what i was going to say! WOOP Phils finally home from Rugby tour and boy have i missed him! it suprises me how much my mood has lifted since hes been home :), my mum bless her trusts me so much, that as we've been going to the gym twice a week, she says thoday that she can see the weight ive lost in my face from going to the gym, i also know that school is not 3 weeks away and the hospital appointment is 4 so my aim is to get back into hospital before the next clinic, because if im honest i miss it, and i like the security, also i want to remember how it felt to be that thin, i cant remember now and i miss it, i dont know how quickly i can remove this weight i'll have to keep trying exciting times! oo and phils taking me to the cinema and for a meal tomorrow :) well its today now but hey ho lol, going to see inception and then off to Zizz's which is rather exciting, because im at work experience tomorrow i will be wearing my lovely black warehouse dress which makes my waist look tiny which is even better so he should see how good i look :)

Sweetie, please get some real help from a professional you trust. Understand coming here to be able to express yourself & glad you are doing this. But, all we can do is offer support & encouragement for you to take care of yourself.

Holly - Having fully read that blog I can see why someone has accused you of being pro ed. Having said that I think it goes to show how over your head this is. What is becoming obvious is that you have no desire to get better. You are in full blown ED. It makes me sad, some of the girls I support are going blind, have heart problems, can’t walk and last month one of them was even sectioned under the mental health act and they are desperately battling what you are effectively promoting. I have repeatedly offered you support and help to get better but you, to be honest, don’t need it. You’re not ready and that’s OK. You obviously haven’t developed any crippling complications and are still ‘excited’. I would take this as an insult to what I went through getting better but I understand that you are young and you haven’t reached the stage where you are so sick that you have lost everything perhaps including some of your bodily functions. I just hope that another young vunerable T1 doesn’t stumble across this blog and think what you’re doing is a good idea. If you carry on like this, when you look back at this blog having grown up a bit you’ll realise the damage that you could potentially do to others and the damage that you have done to yourself. I sincerely hope that it doesn’t take you nearly dying or developing gastroperisis, retinopathy, infertility (blah blah I know) to realise that what you are doing is playing with your life. 3 people that I know died from not taking their insulin this year. They didn’t think it would happen to them either. You know where I am when you’re ready. I sincerely hope that that is sooner rather than later.