My Life with Diabulimia 26/04/10

Today started off well i woke up and actually decided to do a blood test, i had taken my insulin the night before and i was 5.6 (enlgish measurements) this is good, i felt really happy with myself, then i heard my head say, your going to out on weight kiss goodbye to fitting into your ball dress, and so i thought ■■■■ it. i had my toast (last time im having toast stupid thing) and then haven’t taken my insulin for the rest of the day. Im bloated, i dont know if thats because of my period or because of what ive eaten today. im still thinking whether to have my night insulin or not. If i dont i know i will wake up in the night and have to pee. if i do then i will sleep through the night, decisions decisions.

Awesome morning blood sugar Holly! That is something to feel good about for sure! Hope that you can have more mornings where you waking feeling good about taking your insulin.