My thoughts on the Dexcom G5

I’ve been on the Dexcom G5 for three weeks now… I’ll keep this short. The G5 is amazing, I have no idea why I didn’t get one sooner. I have had zero complications with the device. I haven’t had any loss of signal, both of my insertions have been pain free and super easy (I wear it in my tricep area). Also, one point of note… on both insertions, I’ve used the Skin-Tac wipes. I covered the entire area on my arm with the wipe, I didn’t make an oval, like the instructions said, and how others have said to do. I have had zero accuracy issues. Also, at 14 days, my sensor was still stuck on like glue and was not even starting to come off, the Skin-Tac wipes are amazing.

So, to anyone on the fence or considering a move to the Dexcom G5, don’t even think twice, I love mine!


You can also get skin-Tac in a bottle with an applicator. I use that and just keep the wipes for when I travel.


I also use the Skin-Tac bottle with the applicator attached to the inside of the lid. I apply the Skin-Tac on top of the Dexcom sensor adhesive fabric and it soaks through to my skin providing the exact coverage shape I need.

I found that Skin-Tac can be hard to remove if I get some on my hands or fingers. Rubbing with a small amount of butter cuts right through the adhesive.


i love my g5 to.


When I was using Skin-Tac with the Omnipods, I found that the alcohol wipe I’d used to prep the site was useful to clean the sticky stuff off my hands. The Insulet rep actually gave me that idea. I haven’t tried Skin Tac with Dexcom sensors or infusion sets yet, but perhaps I should…


I love my G5 too! I had a G4 and then upgraded it about a month ago. It is so convenient to have my BG go straight to my phone; now I don’t have to worry about having my transmitter with me all of the time. I’ve never tired Skin Tac. I’ve always used a medical tape over mine. Skin Tac sounds so much better though! I’ll have to try that out soon!

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Skin Tac is awesome. I have both the liquid and the wipes, but I prefer the wipes, it’s just so easy and quick. You simply wipe the spot where the dexcom will be, then let it dry (only takes a few seconds) and apply the dexcom. Stuff holds like magic and the hold will easily outlast the sensor. One tip, grab the wipe with a paper towel, or wear a disposable rubber glove when applying the Skin Tac, that stuff is super sticky and tough to get off of your hands if it gets on your hands.

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I finally made the choice in getting myself a CGM with Dexcom. I don’t know why I waited so long to get one. It has changed my life in a positive way. I’ve been on it now for 6 days and 19 hours.

Since I’ve been on it, I have noticed a few issues like gaps on my trend graph, signal loss, and not having enough storage. These issues that I experience were reported to Dexcom technical support. The people at Dexcom have been amazing in helping me better understand my G5 and the issues that I’m having. As I get ready to change my sensor this evening (I just got a notification an hour ago), overall, I am happy with my G5. It has already saved my life.

I love it, and so do my loved ones.


Are you aware that you can restart a sensor session with the same sensor in place? You just wait for the end of sensor session notice and then choose “start sensor” on the main menu. You still have to wait through a 2-hour warm-up period but if the sensor is still putting out a good signal, it reduces hassle and gets better economy out of the sensor. Some people even think they get better accuracy during the second week.


I had the G4 and now G5; noticed that the range is lower on the G5. Maybe that is why you are losing your signal. I wander around the house working on stuff and sometimes my receiver gets left behind. I have been thinking about getting a compatible smart watch, but that means I need to also switch from the android phone I love …to an iPhone.

I love my CGMS. It is the single most important technology for improving my BG #s and reducing fluctuations in BGs. I also have limited autonomic response to low BGs…and depend on my Dexcom to prevent lows…and it does a beautiful job. I can now sleep safely and soundly at night. Omnipod (my choice of pump) should consider a real collaboration with Dexcom. Run CGMS and pump through phone (android or iPhone) and add the automatic off feature (when BGs trending down to dangerous levels). I would pay Tier 3 price for that functionality :wink:


I love my Dexcom sensor. I’ve been wearing it for almost 2 years and I don’t know what I’d do without it. The alarm has literally woke me up in the middle of the night several times when going low. I know for a fact it’s saved my life. My Dexcom is crazy accurate often within only a few points from my meter. I have always been able to get 2 cycles from my sensor and as @terry4 mentioned my sensor is more accurate the 2nd week. One thing that hasn’t been mentioned is the software that comes with it. The charts and graphs ate extremely useful in setting basal rates.

Thank you Dexcom


Not just that, Brad. Looking back at the last few days and weeks, learning from trends, is a very under-utilized function of the CGM. Anyone that wants to take their diabetes control to the next level should really spend at least 30 minutes per week looking at Dexcom’s charts and graphs, especially the Clarity 14-day standard day report.

We know that history does not exactly repeat itself, but it does rhyme. For blood glucose trend prediction, the Dexcom Clarity 14-day standard day report is the closest thing to a window into the future.


I use the G5 and I have the apple watch, but if the phone isn’t near the watch is no good. My phone often loses the signal even in the same room. I wear the receiver so I have something certain on me. It is easier to wear than the ipnone. I think it will all get better, but for me the Apple Watch is not the great tool I expected.

I apologize for being new to the forum and to the new technology out there. However, I am not new to Diabetes.

So here are a few questions for those of you on the Dexcom G5:

  1. It is a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) and not a pump itself?
  2. If so, what pumps will it work with?
  3. One person mentioned a few set backs and/or problems. Anyone else have any issues?
  4. TylerDrew you’re not a “Diabetes Territory” manager - are you? (I attempted to work w/ a Diabetes Territory manager from Medtronics. He felt more like a scam artist rather than someone to guide me through the process. Hence not being on a Medtronics pump presently.)

If anyone has time, please reply.


  1. The Dexcom G5 is a GCM, not a pump.
  2. It does not work with, or more specifically, integrate with any pump that I’m aware of. It is a separate device that monitors your blood sugar, and allows you to set alerts for lows and highs to alert you or family and friends when your blood sugar comes within set parameters. So really, you can use it along with any pump, but the pump does not communicate with the G5.
  3. I’ve had no issues.
  4. I am not a diabetes territory manager, nor do I work in the medical field. I’m a software developer/database architect.
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Why not just go to ? All the facts are there. And yes it is integrated with some pumps.

The Dexcom G4 transmitter is currently integrated with the Animas Vibe pump and the Tandem t:slim G4 pump. The G5 is not.

I also am not aware of any pump which supports the G5 (yet).

Recently I was asking some questions of a Tandem rep and was told that Tandem and Dexcom have an agreement which should allow Tandem to integrate the G5 and the G6 (… and possibly beyond?), but at the moment only the G4 transmitter is supported.


TylerDrew thanks for your time and for answering my questions. Very glad you are not a “Diabetes Territory Manager”.


Thank you for your time also and for the suggestion of going straight to Dexcom’s website. I am sure they will be upfront with all their information - just like a Diabetes Territory Manager for a company like Medtronics. I am sure they will tell me if there are setbacks to their product.

Oh, NO! Say it ain’t so! You did not just dis the Dex. :scream: :scream_cat: Let’s hope the #DOC is sleeping and did not hear! :wink: :slightly_smiling:

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