My Y account

I just suspended my Y account, very sad. I have been going for 19 years. But even when the pool air filtration is upgraded I do not feel safe. For now still walking. But very sad. Just need to look at new ways to exercise. Thanks! Nancy50


I’ve never gone to the Y much, due to having some exercise machines at home, but every now and then I used to “pop in” there for a quick session on the leg press machine, which really helps lower the BG because it works the larger leg muscles. And feels so good. Maybe I’ll get back there again after “Coronatime”. Hubbs and I have a free “Silver Sneakers” account, which emails me some good workouts to do at home.
If anyone else here is “that age”, I encourage you to sign up online, because there are other benefits besides free gym membership at various gyms, as well as the Y.
So, I’m keeping my pass card and hoping for the best.

Here are some tips for signing up if you’re 65+ and on a participating Medicare plan, as well as some workout videos and email newsletter signup:


When gyms & cardiac rehab programs closed, I researched at home exercise options. I found a system that allows one to exercise all body parts. I read about competitors and alternatives. You can use this exercise system anywhere, home, travel, inside, or out. Go to the website and read. Their web site and make up your own mind:


They have aTRX system at my gym and I really like it. They are anchored to a pipe suspension system about two feet above my head. I didn’t get one for home because I don’t have a location where I could mount it in this fashion. You can use it on a door jam, but really haven’t investigated what kind of capabilities you lose in that configuration.

Another option is resistance bands. My wife purchased these and loves them. The training videos are great, the trainer is very responsive to his e-mails, and most are free.

I’m going back to my gym twice a week now for one-on-one training only. The place is relatively small. The ventilation system and hygiene protocols are very good. They limit the number of members in at one time via an on-line reservation system that requires 24 hour notice. I know the owner and she understands my situation. I go during their normal slow times and she only lets two other members in while I’m there. I may start using the their treadmills once a week when they’re not busy.

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I’m looking for some kind of home exercise system. How does this equipment mount in the home? The website is strangely missing this info and is vaguely described in the FAQ section. How do you mount this exactly? Pictures would help me. Thanks.

@Paytone - This system looks attractive but again, it doesn’t address attachment points within my home. I live in an apartment and cannot attach permanently to the structure. A quick survey of the RBT website does not address my attachment concerns. Can you shed any light on this?

I have an exercise bike, bands to stretch, little weights. I walk, snow shoe in winter. I will miss my pool, but feel safer exercising by myself or with my husband. I do push offs from the counter when I am heating tea in the microwave. So every little thing helps. Nancy50


Depending on the exercise you can use them attached to a door (place the door attachment accessory between the door and door jam, then close the door) or stand alone. Some exercises you can use either one. My wife uses both. While we haven’t done it, it’s also possible to use them in the attached mode wherever there is a sturdy structure like the piping you might have in your basement or at a park.

I’m pretty sure you can find some examples if you search on the owner (Dave Schmidt) on YouTube. Or he’s very responsive to e-mails.

Overall we’re pleased. I use them a sometimes. I bought them for my wife, but she’ll let me use them if I behave :slightly_smiling_face: My only caution is get a pair of the exercise gloves for the free-standing exercises. Holding the band under resistance would beat up my hands if I didn’t have them.


@Terry4, The basic TRX system comes with a door mount. Put the small ‘bag’ over a well secured door on the hinge side. I am about #250 & 6’1" and I have never had a problem. Sometimes I will go to a park and anchor to either a streetlight pole or tree with the attachment strap. Because of eligibility, I bought the military/public safety package at a serious discount being offered at the time.

Randy Hetrick, US Navy RET, is the founder and creator of TRX.


Although not what you are looking for, my favorite equipment, or more correctly, my favorite accessible equipment, is made by Concept 2. They are known for their rowing machines, but they also make a ski erg that I love.

Both are safe, stable, and mostly whole body. They offer a good mix of aerobic, strength, and power development.

Rower (I bought the Dynamic since it was smaller, better for an apartment, for use after COVID started)


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@JamesIgoe – Both of those options look attractive to me. I’m concerned about noise or vibration/noise transferring through the floor to my downstairs neighbor. Any feedback about that? Nothing worse than falling in love with a compatible exercise machine and then hearing a knock on the door with the neighbor below you complaining about nose.

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I use a thin rubber mat under my rower and have had no complaints, but our building is normally quiet, solid concrete built in the 60s. There is someone directly below us, and people on all sides, but no one has said anything. As for the couple below us, knowing his personality, he would complain. The fan can be loud, but as far as I know, only heard inside the apartment, or near the door.

I will check though, and row while my spouse is in the hall.


We’ve been looking at Chuck Norris’ total gym. We need something that doesn’t take up a lot of space and is easy to set up.

I’m going to take a look at what’s been shared here to see if any of it will work for us.

Thanks for sharing everyone!

@Terry4, the beauty of the TRX is it is less than 2 pounds and is fully portable, unlike stationary bikes designed for heart & legs, etc. TRX allows exercises for arms, legs, and core.

The noise level is zero, unless you crash yourself into the floor, which I have done on rare occasion.


My spouse stood outside the door while I rowed a bit, and while she could hear it, it was not objectionable.

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Know what you mean. I too was an avid swimmer. I was in Dec doing a little over a mile away. Had to use my Fitbit to track the laps. Too many to member at 69. Pools closed. Now back to mowing grass and walking the neighborhood. Mid the water

Do you know anything about the WaterRower?

I’m interested in the quality of the motion as produced by water instead of air. Also, when you use your rower, would you be able to comfortably hear the audio from a TV? Or would you need to use a headset or turn up the volume in that situation?

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I know of it, and I know a former collegiate rower that liked it more than the Concept 2 (C2), and for someone not immersed in the culture of rowing, it might be better. The standard in the US is the C2, and Europe tends to use the RP3, but the latter is twice as expensive as the C2 Dynamic, and 3 times the cost of a C2 Model D/E.


Consumer Reports:

If you don’t have access:

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A separate answer regarding TV and sound:

I was using the C2 at my gyms locally, streaming YouTube or music via iTunes/Play as motivation. For that, I used my iPad with earbuds and still do this at home, but some people do set up a TV with which to row along. Besides this video, there are videos that compare the C2 sound along side this:

There is an uncomplicated way to lay the iPad on a C2 rower, just above the footrests and below the courtesy handle and I have a special metal accessory for the iPad on my C2 Dynamic. There are also some new rowers on the market that include screens for rowing workouts, like Peloton, and there are iPad apps that provide workouts as well for mobile devices.

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I’m also a big TRX fan! I used to take TRX classes in a gym, and recently purchased an at home system with the door jam you mentioned. The only thing that stops me from doing some moves is apartment space near the door I use it on. I’m 5’3” and 120 pounds so maybe not the best test of durability. I purchased zeal tech branded straps from amazon.


The one I purchased (zeal tech) just has solid rubber stoppers attached to one end of each strap so you can close them in a doorway. Very easy to put up and take down. TRX is also great because you can really easily adjust the resistance by stepping closer or further away from the anchor point of the straps.