Need some encouragement!

hey everyone!

im new here and thought id share my frustrations :slight_smile: i found this website because im looking for some GOOD diabetes support. i spent 11 years every summer going to a diabetes camp and it was so nice being around people that ride the up’s and down’s of diabetes. i moved about 5 years ago to phoenix and i haven’t found a replacement for support. there are days where i feel completely alone because i can’t convey to my friends what i feel like and to ask them advice in what they would do.

my main reasoning for some encouragement is that i’ve been trying to find a good endo here and i haven’t come across one yet. i’ve been to three so far within 5 years but i’m seeking a doctor that’s compassionate and that doesn’t make me feel defeated every time i leave. i do understand that 95% is in my control and that there are things i need to do to get into tighter control. my last a1c (yesterday) was 8.0. i had gotten one about 6 months ago and it was 7.2. it was disappointing. i’ve read some of the posts on this board and it makes me feel like im doing not such a good job, judging by others a1c’s. im trying to reassess what i’m eating and i feel like i should be avoiding carbs as much as possible. but its so hard! especially when i’m low.

any tips, advice, thoughts?

colleen xo

Have you read “Think Like a Pancreas” by Gary Scheiner? Great book by a CDE who is also Type 1 diabetic. It was inspiring to me, plus it taught me a lot. He was instrumental in improving my A1c. I would say the book changed my diabetes control, and therefore my life. If you haven’t read it, go to or somewhere and buy it. As far as an endo, I can’t find a good one here in Sacramento. I have asked and no one on this site or in Sacramento has told me that they like theirs. I would check the groups that are around Arizona and see if anyone in the Phoenix/Mesa/Scottsdale area has an endo they think is worth the paper they are printed on. I don’t know how to not get discouraged when you can’t find a decent endo.

So, 8 isn’t good, and your endo is probably worried about complications. It is his job to make sure that you realize what you are supposed to do to keep from developing complications. I just wish that when they did their fellowship with a diabetes group that they taught them how to do it without making us feel like we are either incompitent, stupid, or lazy. I love what Suzanne said in the following blog:…

I found this site around 6 months ago and I am really grateful for everything I have learned here and the empathy. It is so nice to have someone as close as my fingertips who understands when I have a bad day. Good luck to you, and totally get that book if you don’t have it. Also you should consider the book “Pumpin Insulin” by John Walsh. Pumpers swear by that book.

We all have off days or weeks or even months where we have faultered. Welcome. You are not alone in dealing with your diabetes.

Hey Colleen, glad you found us here! First of all, don’t beat yourself up about your A1c’s. We can all glean ways from others here on how we can tighten up our control, but I have never felt looked down on by anyone. The one thing you will find here is people who understand where you are.

Each region in the US has a group here on tudiabetes, so you might want to join the US Southwest Diabetes group. I bet if you posted your wanting an endo in Phoenix, you would get several suggestions on that group.

Hang in there…

Well said Toni!! I go with you on all you said!!!