Neuropathy feeling

I know all of us are different when it comes to how are our neuropathy affects us. I have noticed when i got a massage and also when i myself rub my thighs i get this vibration in my feets. Does anyone else feel that?

Yes. I don’t know if it is exactly as you are feeling, but I could touch a number of spots in my lower back and in various parts of both legs (especially my left leg) and immediately had the sensation of severe electrical shock (vibration) in my toes and feet.

I know that a good portion of this was from my neuropathy because I have been able to substantially reverse it and this has essentially stopped happening for the most part. I say that because I have also found that the same thing happens when my hip or lower back are out of place and are apparently pinching a nerve. I can do the same thing and have similar sensations, but not quite the same.

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I have had feelings in my hands like I’ve been running a jackhammer all day. I had this a lot before my BG came under control. I still get it though if my BG goes above 150. I can feel vibrations in my hands.

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So here’s the strange part of my neuropathy , everything i read talks about how when they go to bed at night they have pain, mine comes on as soon as i walk for a while, during the night the pain is very little and mostly goes away. I hate being the one with weird things going on.