New A1C

at 7.0 right now and getting better, 118 days of pumping.

When I was diagnosed in January I was roughly 14, they estimated it for some stupid reason. As of today I am now 6.7, which to me is great considering before then i had no clue about any of this stuff related to type 1 diabetes. So I look at all the people who reply on here and talk to me and tell me that they got theirs down as telling it is possible to do it too, keep up the good work and thanks to all who encourage each other here.

Just got my latest A1C I am at 5.4. :slight_smile:

you are still doing awesome! so proud of you!

My latest A1C was a 5.3. :slight_smile:

Fantastic. Nice to know that your last one wasn’t just a flash in the pan. Mine was 5.3 also and I was really pleased.

Are you eating??!! :wink:

Yes I am eating, I think my great A1C’s are due to me still producing some insulin. I am still running in the high 70’s - mid 80’s all night every night. I can only hope this continues. Recently I have been in the mid 300’s a few times which is a 1st since I was diagnosed, although I quickly returned to less than 120.

I am bolusing on a 1 to 30 carb ratio and taking 12 units of Lantus every night at 9:30.

WTG!!! I am very happy for you!!~Sande

Wow! Congratulations. Are you eating low carb, or just very strictly controlling with insulin? Would you write a little how-to manual for us, please?

New A1C is 5.5.

I wish everyone could do what I do.

I used the Dexcom 7 for about 6 months and got really good at carb counting. With the Dexcom I could see exactly how long I needed to wait to eat after a bolus to avoid big spike in BG, for me it is 20 - 25 minutes. If I eat before that I get huge spike in my BG. By waiting the 20 - 25 minutes, and sometimes it is really hard to do, I usually will not go above 160 - 180 after a meal.