Baby is here

After 3 years of trying, 5 losses, I delivered on August 8th. My induction didn’t work, but I had Wyatt via c-section. Now I’m struggling with this new body and diabetes.


Congratulations! We had a boy almost exactly a year ago pretty much the same way: induction that went south, and a midnight C-section. Being a dad and diabetic is certainly different from being a mom and diabetic, but it’s all worked out great for us.

I’m sure it will be good for you also! Again, congratulations :slight_smile: Next few months are going to be super-tough, but it will get better.

He’s beautiful! Congrats!!



Congrats on your new son! Beautiful. :fireworks: :sparkler: :fireworks:

Congratulations! So very happy for you and your new family member! Being a Mom is one of the greatest jobs out there. Enjoy every moment because they grow up so fast. And take care of you. It was a hard process for me to realize that if I don’t take care of my needs first, I might not be there to help my child’s needs. Best of luck and so very proud of you!

Congratulations on your rainbow baby!


Welcome Wyatt! You are absolutely beautiful! God bless you!:two_hearts:

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the news with the community.

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So sweet! Enjoy!

Congratulation,just adorable. Nancy

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations Mamma. He is beautiful.

Congratulations, he’s beautiful!

And I’m sure it will take some time to get your diabetes back in line especially dealing with a postpartum body. Hopefully by the 6 week mark (which I always say is just survival for us mom’s without diabetes!) hormones should be calmed down and things should be easier to manage.

Since it’s my daughter who has type 1, I always love hearing baby success stories as I hope the same for her one day!

Same for me. Failed induction followed by C-section. It was pretty rough after delivery. My body was foreign to me and frighteningly non-functional. It’s OK if you do not feel awesome/empowered/whatever right now.

thanks for sharing. great face congrates.

Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing! As you take care of him, I reiterate what Sally7 said: Be sure to take care of YOU, too. Take each day for what it is, a chance to watch your wonderful son grow as you watch your own body get back to “normal.” I learned to nap when my daughters napped (because being sleep-deprived helps no one), to test more often and to eat whenever I needed to so that I would be able to care for my children. And isn’t it amazing that when you gave birth to him, you also produced a new love that is so profound nothing can stop it? Your life will never be the same again, nor would you want it to be. Enjoy this new chapter in your life.

Congratulations and welcome to motherhood.
I hope and pray motherhood becomes more than you could have ever hoped for or imagined. Your little Wyatt will change your life! (As I’m sure he already has!)
Tell your birth story proudly, you earned it and it’s uniquely yours!