New G6 8HXXXX Transmitter

I just received a G6 8HXXXX from Dexcom. Does anyone have any experience with it or know how “bad” the block is on this one?

We still have some old ones, but everything I have read about it is disappointing in terms of resetting it.

Are you in US?

Yes, I am.

You may be first on this site to report 8Hxxxx.

Have you restarted G6 on older transmitters?

You will have to let us know if 8H allows restart.

What do you use as receiver? Dexcom, XDrip or Spike iOS ?

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I don’t have any users with that transmitter model listed in DrBB’s Dreaded G6 transmitter block summary here: The dread G6 session-restart block is here

Do you mind getting added to the list in the summary? Seems that you are the only one of your kind that has been reported.

Got 8HH transmitter today. I don’t restart. No upside for me. I don’t calibrate and need accuracy for Loop.