QuickSerter stuck

Been on the pump for two months. This is the fourth time this has happened. The adheasive tape gets stuck on the interior wall of the QuickSerter. Sometimes I cannot remove the QuickSerter without removing the infusion set. What is going on? Anyone with this trouble?

It sounds like the Quick-set is not “locked” into the inserter tool but moving around and contacting the walls of the tool. Try this:
(Before proceeding, use “Pam” or equivalent cooking spray on a q-tip to remove any remaining adhesive from the inserter tool walls.)

  1. Prime the set per instructions.
  2. Place a quick-set with blue cannula cover in place into tool.
  3. Carefully pull button back part way as if starting to ■■■■ tool.
  4. Push blue cover firmly into the tool to “lock” the set in place.
  5. Remove the blue plastic cover and the two papers protecting the adhesive.
  6. Now pull the button all the way back to ■■■■ the tool.
  7. Place cocked tool in desired location squarely and firmly against your body and release.
  8. Finish the process.

I hope this helps. I used to have this problem fairly often but have eliminated it as described above.

I used to wipe the rim and the interior wall of the serter with alcohol, and that seemed to take care of the problem. I don’t use the quick sets anymore, but I often had that problem when I used them.

that happened to me last time i changed my set! idk how it happened…glad i’m not the only one

Thanks for the suggestions. Going to Copy and Paste onto a WordPad and print. Thanks.

Thanks Dave,
Will try the Sure-T’s.

This happened to me the first time I used one but only once or twice since. The trainer said she’d never seen it before. I believe it’s a result of stretching the adhesive tape while removing the backing.

Besides following Gerry’s advice, peel the backing away using the provided tabs. Pull quickly, like you’re removing a bandaid.

Good luck,


Or try a different type of infusion set.

I too have had this happen, from what I gather is… Medtronic had changed the quickserter, the new serter does not “lock” the set anymore as some were having issues with it not releasing after insertion thus causing problems at the site ( I cannot say if this is true or not as I have only used the “new” serter and have only been pumping since April this year.

I did try using the alcohol wipe on the serter device and that seemed to help, it frustrates me to waste a perfectly good set due to this. But I do prefer to use the quickset over the other sets, just my preference.