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Well people on 1-4-10 a had a heart attack and then after I was told I had Type 2. Not a good way to start the year. I’m trying my best to keep my head up and deal with this. My wife is a very big help in cooking the right amount of food they told us to make and thank God for that. What I need answers for are: Yes I’m overweight but 6 months before this happened I was doing some weight training and 15 min. of cardio ( exercise bike), 3 times a week. What can I do now that will help me get the weight off and get my heart going back in the right direction.

Glad you’re ok! Not a fun way to start the new year.

The best way to lose weight, in addition to exercise, is eating a low carb diet. Lots of discussions here about low carb you can search, including this recent one Call Out to Type 1 Low Carbers!

Jenny’s site & her book are wonderful It helped me a lot when I was diagnosed.

Sorry for the bad year but thank God you are alive. Diet for now will be a good way to change things around. I am assuming now you are in a lot of meds to help the heart out. I would try to get an appoitment with a dietician they are a good source of information. Changing your diet is a challenge but over time it gets better. Get more veggies in and eat more balance meals. I used a DASH diet that is also supposed to be good for the heart also. Keep up the excercise but I guess you will have to check with a physician to see what your limits are.

take care and welcome

Gee Dino!! And I thought my new year was off to a Bad start. Sorry to hear of your heart attack. That must have been a Terrible ordeal for you plus the realization of Type 2.

Wil and Gerri both made Good suggestions. I do hope that you continue towards a Good recovery. Wishing you a much Better New Year ahead! :slight_smile:

Read Jenny’s book Blood Sugar 101 as suggested. Then read it again. Go low carb. You will learn that you had genetics going against you and you were in sorta a phase lock loop packing on pounds with your excess insulin production and got to the point of being/ becoming a Type 2. You had all the carbs you needed but your brain kept saying eat more carbs and make more insulin. again and again and so on. Blood Sugars are so key for you now to get them normal will likely do more for you than anything. The ball dropping in Times Square dropped on you instead. Thats a a hard one. Glad you came to the site. Lots of information here. Good luck! Hang in there.

Oops, forgot to add that weight training is great for insulin resistance, when your doc okays this. The more muscle mass, the better.

As you say not a good way to start the year but you have been diagnosed in time and can be aware and do something about it now. Pauly’s comment is a good suggestion and, if you are able to exercise that will help get blood sugar levels down too (the exercise bike is a great idea). It probably does mean a major overhaul of your eating patterns but you’re alive and have been given a warning so I suppose that’s a positive. All good wishes in your continuing battle. Faith

I know how you feel. I had open heart surgery 11 months ago. I already knew I was diabetic, but never had a heart attack! I found that cardiac rehab did wonders for me. I lost weight, and actually had to turn off my insulin pump before I exercised because the cardio brought my blood sugar down! It is important to have a professional monitor you to make sure that your heart rate is in your “zone” in order for the exercise to really help your heart. Take care!!!

welcome to the board. first talk w/ your doc and see what exercise you’re allowed to do and see about getting a diabetes education class. exercise typically is great for burning off calories and keeping your blood sugar from getting too high it won’t let you eat whatever you want but will help a lot. take care