Newly Diagnosed - Fertility

Dx since October, TI. Diagnosed with no symptoms (they caught it on a standard test).

I've gotten it in my head that the damage that occurred prior to my diagnosis could have rendered me infertile. Please, someone, please tell me this is a ridiculous or extremely unlikely situation. We were going to start "trying" in January 2014, but, obviously, that plan has changed. I'm terrified that even when I do get my BG under control, I'll be permanently scarred in someway that will make me infertile.

In all honesty, most people are so high at diagnosis for weeks and month previous, then go on to have children. If you didn’t even have symptoms, it is so highly unlikely to have been able to cause any fertility issues.

Thank you. :)

I think I needed to hear that from someone else so I'd believe it.

First, welcome to our wonderful family ;) Please join our Oh Baby group . We have loads of members who've had successful pregnancies ;)