Night Owls and testing

So far, I’ve been testing according to event rather than what the clock says. First get up, test is a fasting test. But does it matter if it is 8am or noon? Does bedtime reading matter if it is 9pm or 2am?

I have tried to reset my clock but gave up years ago. I am a night owl. My circadian rhythm is set to that and I have no reason to change. I hit my creative peak at around 7-8pm.

I’ve read a little about the Dawn Effect (or Syndrome?) where the glucose level is higher at waking due to the release of various hormones in the body just prior to you waking. But does this work for those who work 3-11 or the night shift?

I guess what I am asking is do the guidelines for BG ranges apply to the event (i.e. before breakfast) or to the time of day (i.e. x hours after sunrise)?

Your schedule is what matters. As long as it’s basically the same routine regarding time, it doesn’t matter. Your morning fasting is at noon, if that’s when you wake up.

Dawn phenomenon is related to waking regardless of what the clock says.

Problems occur when people are on constantly changing shifts & adjustments are made traveling to different time zones when wake/sleep patterns change.

Excellent! Thanks!

And yeah, swing shifts are bad for even healthy people.

I agree with Gerri here!