No more pills

It has just been over a year since i was in the hospital and almost lost my toe.
I had been running on high sugar levels for years, no health insurance, and working a physical labor job daily. No strength, no consistant levels, totally polluted and at the verge of failure. I had survived the diagnoses and sent to the specialist with a RX script. I was given Metformin, Actos, amaryl, and some blood pressure pills. I have neuropathy in my feet mostly the left side, where the toe was damaged. I was sick every other day, i hated life. Most days i would fall asleep on the way home, i would never get full, i felt hopeless, i was in pain, they gave me norco and lyrica dfor pain, i took these pills for almost a year. I was killing my insides with all the meds. I started watching documentary on diabetes, yeah the are stimulating, yet nothing really was working. I then started reading about dextrose and your mind...

Dextrose, fructose, all these processed foods, but when your mind needs energy it draws dextrose, and thrives on it, yet large levels of dextrose that have been binded and added to almost everything we eat starts to build up in your system, you mind always has the supply at hand, gorging on dextrose. I started to buy free range organic chickens, i switched over to chicken and greens, no processed foods, nothing, it was a quest.. Why not right? I mean i am taking 8 drugs, whey not... After 2 months, my toe healed itself..

After three months the highest ever i have been is 180. On average i am 84.
I feel better then i have ever felt in my life, i have leg pain and foot pain from the damage i have done, but i am not dependent on pills and walking in a haze. I would rather feel then to be hollow and die one day from pancratic cancer or need a liver transplant from the damage these drugs do.

Why not try..


Thank you for sharing your story. I have also switched to zero packaged, processed foods. I am eating meat, vegetables, eggs, berries, nuts...stuff from nature -- not stuff from a food lab or a multinational fabricator of food-like substances. I feel SOOOOOO much better and my BG's are soooooo much better. I am losing body fat and healing, too.

I think that human beings need to stop fighting mother nature and accept our place in the ecosystem. If a vet at my local zoo was feeding the apes there Pop Tarts, diet Coke and McD's fries, he'd get fired in a heartbeat. Why should we eat less healthfully than the chimps and orangutans? When you really think about it, it makes no sense.

Couldn't agree more Jean. I quit buying packaged foods long before D. If the ingredients list is long enough to be boring or I can't pronounce any of the items listed it stays at the store. No matter how natural or organic it claims to be.