Not on top right now

I’ve been sick since a few days after Christmas. Constant stomach ache, sometimes with constipation, sometimes very lose, but never normal these days. My doctor simply don’t have a clue about what’s wrong yet and since yesterday I’m on sick leave from work AGAIN! I’ve only managed to work two days this year, the Monday after New Year’s, and the Monday this week. Yesterday I was on my way to work when my stomach made a turn for the worse and when I arrive work I just bought a box of nutrition drinks and called my GP clinic and got an emergency appointment for yesterday afternoon, then I went home. Right now the only thing I can be happy about when it comes to my stomach, is the fact that I’m not in hospital YET anyways. My doctor has just started to check me for IBD like Morbus Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis along with a lot of other things. I’m hoping to have answers soon so I know what to do to get better. I can’t live like this any more now! I can barely eat at all, I’m losing weight like mad apparently and my boss at work has called me in for a meeting on the 28th regarding all my illness lately.
On Friday when I was in town I must have had a real hypo. I was feeling all weak and shaky, but luckily I had just bought some juice and had one of those. When I got home and tested my sugar it was at 4.8 (86) and that was about 15-20 minutes after having the juice. Not the first time I’m having lows but the first time I really felt crap from one!

Oh well, enough ramblings now…

Hope everyone has had a great Christmas of 2009 and a Happy start of 2010!

Jennie, you aren’t on that gross Metformin, are you? Cause all those symptoms can come from that and other oral meds. I hope they find out what’s going on.

I’m not on any diabetes medication because I’m not diabetic according to my doctor. I have odd 2h PP’s sometimes and the occasional odd low, but my HbA1c is within normal range and my fasting is normal so they haven’t diagnosed anything because they haven’t seen what my levels can be like. My body just does what it wants :stuck_out_tongue:

My stomach problems are just all over the place, and I’m sick of being sick now so I sure do hope there will be answers soon! I’m currently taking a painkiller which is a weaker relative to morphine and that makes my everyday a little more bearable but not well enough to work :frowning: