Obviously I am a "pumper" non-serious topic alert

I just got an email - subject" Pumps at $100" WOW I thought. Then I looked to see where it came form. Nordtrom's - they were talking shoes!

It reminded me of my first day pumper. I got a call from a colleague at work, when she asked how I was I said great! I was a "pumper" She said "What! I know it's been a long time since we've seen each other, but I didn't even know you were pregnant!"

I guess it comes from having our own language.

Hope this gives you a giggle.

Ha! Now that's really funny!

Just this week I came across T1D and blogger, Kerry Sparling's, Diabetes Terms of Endearment e-book. It contains an alphabetized list of humorous terms especially apropo to people with diabetes.

Here's a sampling:

Diabetes Police: Any non-diabetic who feels it is their job to give their opinion on what we should eat. Note that it’s never a question - always an imperative statement. Classic ex. “You can’t eat this - you have diabetes.”

Diabetus: Wilford Brimley’s preferred pronunciation of the word “diabetes.” Usually followed by laughter and the viewing of YouTube clips. ex. “Hi. Are you using Liberty Medical to get your diabetus medications?”

Dead Bees: Term given to diabetes by the classmate of a small child. ex. “He needs juice because he has dead bees.”

Yeah, we have a lingo and whole world of understanding that differs from the non-D world. We may as well enjoy some of the humor in it!


So funny...yeah, everyone's got their own pat meaning of some words.

That's great! Every time I'm around new people and say "I need to check myself", I get some funny looks until I explain. And of course after all these years I still crack up when someone admires my "pager"!


You can pick up pumps at our local bicycle store for a lot less than that....

How about the looks you get in public when you tell a friend, "darn it, I'm high again!"

Mike, your comment is related to the reaction to: Whew! I'm not high" before an important event or meeting.