Offically Started Pumpng Today!

Well tn finally happened today! After almost 40 years of multiple shots a day my pump is up and running - spent most of the day pretty lazy catching up on paper work and working on the computer - three Bolus of limited magnitude. Sugar levels hanging around 125-150. Then I took a 30 minute walk and feel like a invalid - will check my levels, but sure they are low. A little irrating because I thought I had this down pat - yea right after less than 1 day.- please a little humble pie please. Oh well back to square 1. A temp basil or suspend or put food on board for just a little walk. May take awhile to get the hang of this.

If I do anything too strenuous, like even hoovering for more than a few minutes I have to whack my basal back as I drop like a stone, it takes a little while but it’s well worth it, I’ve been pumping since the end of march and I’m still learning everyday but it’s all good. :o)

Wow. Why did you decide to switch to a pump? I have been on a pump for exactly 1 month now, am really surprised how quickly I have got used to it, although it is still lots of trial and error! Good luck!