Official P-day survivor and veteran: Introducing my new best Friend


I’m proud to announce that I’m now a official P-day survivor and veteran and I introduce my new best friend: MMPV554
The last 2 weeks have been an emotional and physical rollercoaster as I swithched to pump therapy.
Don’t know how my fellow pumpers have experienced the transition period, but I must say: It was more fun than expected.

As a person who is trying to fit in DM in his life, and made a decision to try always look at the bright side of life ( huh, where did I hear thát before??? ), I was really excited for weeks, except the day before…

I picked up the phone to call my diabetesnurse, to say I wouldn’t start the next day when it got to me that everything I wanted for months I now wanted to quit…

Still don’t get it, still think a human being has a weird mind.

Anyhow, somehow I managed to not call and the next morning made the final connection with my new lifesaving device.
I really liked my new friend, soulmate and artificial pancreas until …

Until saturday when I was at a party to celebrate my grandfathers 89th birthday.
As dinner was served, I had been bragging about my new friend and all the other descriptions which I also use to name my loved wife.
Until that moment…
When my pump quit on me.

It quit on me!
Had I been too proud and too happy with it???
As I was trying to fix the problem I was facing at that moment, a few worried faces around me tried to ask me if they could help: NO NO NO.
I manage my DM myself, and when you guys are stupid enough to ask if I have a very bad form of DM I don’t need your help either…

After 5 minutes my pump worked fine again and we became best friends again.
Still my best friend.

Will be my best friend.
For a long period of time.

Enjoy me, MMPV554!
Enjoy me.

Long may you live together in peace and happiness!

It only gets better, the longer you go. Good luck! :slight_smile:

My grandpa turned 89 on Friday and I, too, had pump issues at the party…must be something in the water!

Glad to hear it got all straightened out! Hang in there for the adjustment period, you can do it :slight_smile: