Oh Wow...How Do You Handle This?

Well Saturday morning I went to my friends Haley and Karleys house. I stayed there all day Saturday, Saturday night, and all day Sunday. I came home late Sunday. At like 11. So anyway, we rode 4 wheelers, I pet some horses (can never stay away from them…) and watched some movies. Saturday night me, Karley, and Karleys friend Kimberly were watching a movie. In the movie was a mixed couple; the guy was white and the girl was black. Kimberly decided she didnt like that and said so. I have a friend I grew up with and her dad’s black and her mom’s white, so that offended me (and yeah it hurt too). So I left and went to where Haley and my other friends Alicia and John were hanging out. I made the mistake of telling them why I left. They werent much better than Kimberly. Nobody bothered to look through my eyes, even though I told them about my best friend I grew up with. Plus my mom’s white, and my dad may not be black, but he’s indian, which is still a different race. Whats the difference between my parents and my friends parents??
Anyway, I texted Haley today and told her how I felt. She got mad at me and stopped texting. Then later I tried to ask her what the difference between my friends parents and my parents is and she still wont talk back. Im SO FRUSTERATED!!!
I cant even list all my emotions right now…


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I don’t give advice anymore. It only causes problems. The only thing I can tell you is that you’re a marvelous person for sticking to your principles. They may get you in trouble with less principled people but you show that you know how to be a real human being. To heck with what those others say. Love people the way you always have loved them.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI


First, I’m glad that you stood up for what you knew what was right. Second, I’m really shocked at your friends’ reactions! Do they know about Heidi Klum and Seal?!? One of Hollywood’s most awesome couples… and of two different races!

The reason this bothers me so much… is because: 1) Why in the world does race matter?!? I almost want to laugh! God created ALL of mankind in his image… and no race is “better” than the other! It’s offensive. 2) I, too, know bi-racial families. 3) It just sad that there is still racism going on.

I don’t know what you can do… but, don’t back down. Continue to stand up for what’s right. You did nothing wrong, so you shouldn’t apologize. Hopefully, your “friends” will learn from you.

It’s sad isn’t it Brandi, this racial problem? Especially when you see it in your friends…those whom you thought were on the same page as you. In this era of easy world wide travel, it’s hard to comprehend that there is still conflict among races…one does wonder IF it will ever end? All you can do Brandi is to be yourself, and hopefully some of your healthy views will rub off on others.